What’s The Buzz ?

Just got back from a wonderful tour in The Netherlands with Cara Luft and BJ Baartsman. We snuck into a studio and recorded 6 songs which I hope to get out to you guys very soon. Cara was amazing – a founder of The Wailing Jenny’s, she was a huge inspiration and she’s got me hooked on clawhammer banjo.

The URGENT news is that my PLEDGE CAMPAIGN for the new record is holding at 54% of my goal with only 16 days left. If everyone on this list simply PRE-ORDERED a record, I’d make my goal and more. I realize that crowdfunding is a complicated issue. Here’s the nutshell of why I and so many other artists are doing it. For me, I have put out a few records on Record Labels through the “old” system. The labels paid for the recording, paid for the promotion, made all the decisions, and when the record was done and being sold on line or at stores, the labels got the money, which they deserved in order to pay back their investment. But sometimes, to be honest, they didn’t make decisions that perhaps I would have made. I might have chosen a different PR firm. Or I would have pushed a different “focus” track. Or maybe they just dropped the ball entirely, got excited about another artist, and my record got lost. This has all happened to me. So when I made my last record, Stormy Boat, I decided to create my own independent record label, Windbone Records. I have distribution in the US through Tone Tree (a great company that has worked with The Civil Wars, Mindy Smith, Angel Snow and Nora Jane Struthers). I have distribution in the UK through Proper/CRS and in Europe through CRS. But now that I’m my own label, I have to pay for EVERYTHING. The recording itself is the cheapest part. What costs money is PR, Radio, manufacturing and shipping, and then getting all this stuff out to the world. It costs over $25,000 to do all of this at even a good independent level and make any kind of dent. I make a decent living as a musician and for that I’m blessed. I don’t have (nor have the time) for a ‘day job’. My job is touring and making music. I get paid by ticket sales. You come to the shows and I get to pay my rent. You buy my CDs and I pay my rent. You stream my songs on Spotify and…. ha ha…well, I don’t pay my rent and that’s a whole other conversation, but maybe another person is turned onto my songs and goes to Amazon or ITunes or even my website and downloads my record. At the end of the day, I make enough to cover my basic expenses and save a teensy bit for little things. But making a living as a folk musician ain’t the high roller life. Again: I’m blessed and I’m grateful. But this is exactly why I am doing a Pledge Campaign. To ask my fanbase to PARTNER with me in this enterprise. This isn’t asking for Charity or a hand-out. And I know some folks have an issue with Pledge and Kickstarter and the like, thinking “well, if you can’t pay for it yourself, get a dayjob or get out…” which I totally understand, but the music business model is really in flux. There IS NO MODEL anymore. The model is this connection between the creators and the consumers. I write it. You hear it. I hope we are both changed by the experience for the better and our lives are made better. And if you can pre-order the record, man, I would be so grateful because then I can release this little puppy into the world by March 2nd.

Thanks for taking the time to read that. Back to the tour…I have a moment to catch my breath here in Nashville and then I head out next week with KENNY WHITE, my friend from NYC, great songwriter, and fellow once-Wildflower Records recording artist. This is my first time in the Pacific Northwest and San Fran, CA area in many years so I hope y’all come out and say hi. Tourdates to the left and full details here TOURPAGE. Buy tickets in advance if you can.

As always, if you are interested in hosting a house concert in 2015, please email me at amy@amyspeace.com and we can talk about it! All you need is a good cat-free space, at least 30-40 friends who’d come hear the music, and I can come over to play. For reals.

Stay warm!