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We’re big fans of Delaney Bramlett here at HorizonVU Music and we do our best to keep you in the know as to what’s goin’ on as we join with Michele, Suzanne and Bekka to get their Dad into the Rock and Roll HOF!  Here’s the text of Michele’s acceptance letter for Delaney’s induction into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame. Bekka accepted the award.

I am deeply honored with your nomination and induction of my Dad, Delaney Bramlett. This award means so much to our family. It truly is the recognition of my Dads’ artistic vision and musical achievements and you can only imagine how important it is to me, his daughter…

Dad created some of the most distinctive and unique music in the world and everybody wanted to play with him. He was a prolific songwriter, a storyteller, an amazing musician, a teacher, a mentor to so many.

He gave people their “wings”…and now, YOU, Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, are giving him his.

Fly Dad…it’s YOUR turn!

We (my sisters and I) grew up in a world of beautiful chaos. Whether it be ‘round the kitchen table, on the front porch, or through our bedroom walls, Dads’ music filled our hearts.

He was a great man. I close my eyes and I see Dad. I see his purdy face. I see him standing here, humbly accepting this award. I feel his gratitude. I feel his nervousness. I feel his love and his big beautiful smile, lighting up the room.

Yayyyyyyy, Dad! We are clappin’….real loud and hard!

We are so very proud of you, Dad….SO proud to be “your girls”…We miss you sooooooooo much, Dad.

As my sisters and I proudly accept this award on behalf of our Dad, we want to express our love and gratitude to his fans.

We thank you, Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, from the bottom of our big ‘ol Bramlett hearts…

Thank you, Mr. Brewer, hall of fame inductees, nominating committee, and everybody else who made this dream a reality.

Thank you, Mississppi, for loving our Dad…

Thank you so much and God bless you all.

Love and Light,

Michele Bramlett


Delaney Bramlett is being inducted into the MISSISSIPPI MUSICIANS HALL OF FAME! January 18, 2011… Michele, Suzanne and Bekka have just been informed and Bekka will be accepting the award for her Dad. Michele and Suzanne will be there in spirit and their written acceptance letters in honor of Delaney will be read! Thank you Mr. Brewer and Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame!
HorizonVU Music supports Delaney Bramlett deserves induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=247286568092 and The Poor Elijah Foundation http://poorelijahfoundation.com.
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