Corinne Chapman – Dirty Pretty Things

Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

In today’s Country Music world, you need to be able to run the gamut from a stylistic point of view.  California-bred Corinne Chapman definitely has that talent, as evidenced on this mini album.  The six tracks all offer something a little bit different from the previous track, and that is something you don’t hear of much these days.

On the opening cut, “Mine,” she takes somewhat of an outlaw country stance, sounding a little bit like Miranda Lambert.  It’s a sound that works well for her, but she doesn’t stay there.  Instead, she them moves into the romantic side, scoring with the sensual “Be Good To Me,” which is a good fit for her voice.

She strikes a California sound on the Deana Carter-ish “Alone,” which benefits from having one of the most deadly choruses I have heard in some time.  If promoted properly, it should be a hit.  She stays in that vein with the 60s ish philosophy of “Weeds.” She also delves into a little Bluegrass with the title cut, which despite the suggestive title, is a lot more innocent than you might think.  One never knows what is going to make an impact with the listening public, but don’t be surprised if you hear a lot more out of Corinne Chapman.  She’s got the total package, and deserves to be heard!

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