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This week in Nashville News, we will look to artists who will set fire to the stage from Tours Canadian Music Night Saturday, July 4 as part of the American Festival Tours! As usual, it was Franck Boucheraud who concocted the programming of this prestigious event especially dedicated to Canadian artists!

This year you go to appreciate the talent of the family duet “One More Girl” and that of the artist A aron Pritchett! Were first begins with the female duo “One More Girl.” It is composed of sisters Carly e t Britt McKillip. They come straight from the city of Mapple Ridge, located in the province of British Colombia. Carly and Britt have always been cradled in the arts, as their parents were both songwriters. Their father, Tom McKillip is a leader, a renowned guitarist and reputation that has received multiple awards. Very young, they found themselves before the cameras to appear on several Canadian and American television series. Then in 2008, they came to the front of the stage, with numerous concert dates before shutting themselves in the studio in 2009 to make it their first album entitled “Big Sky” with the key 4 singles that will invade the airwaves of Canadian radio and it works. In 2010 they got a nomination for the Duo of the Year Award GRAB a “Rising Star Award” awarded by the Canadian Country Music Association that is the prize for best new talent or rising star. After recording numerous singles and video clips, their second opus arrived – “The Hard Way” published in February 2014. They pursue the trodden with the release of a new song called “Drunk Heart” already hit in Canada. This new single is taken from a new album to be released soon!

Aaron Pritchett, the star of the Canadian Music Night!

Ronald Aaron Pritchett, better known by the name of Aaron Pritchett is also a native of the province of British Columbia and specifically Vancouver. On Saturday, July 4, 2015 there will be exclusive to the scene of the Canadian Music Night. For the record, Aaron is a songwriter’s interpreter who began his first career as a DJ at Rooster’s Country Cabaret Bar in Vancouver. That was in 1996, and at that time he used to go on stage to sing again with the saloon group. It is with this same group that he will record his first album “Young In Love”. His look and his musical style is original and explosive; a mix of both rock and country and elsewhere one could even compare it to American Bad Boy, Jason Aldean. He currently has six albums to his credit and a seventh is in preparation! The last single released this year entitled “Wake You With A Kiss”.