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Natalie Gelman Photo Credit: Brent Florence

Natalie Gelman Photo Credit: Brent Florence

Natalie Gelman is widely recognized for her tireless cross-country travel and performances. She’s just released a new album, “Streetlamp Musician” with producers Charlie Midnight (James Brown) and Mark Needham (The Killers). The album is reflective, titled after a song she wrote about street performing and watching New York City change over time.

She was raised in the West Village, NYC, an area of the city considered as “off the grid” and noted for having been home to artists and writers dating back to the 1800s. Living amongst songwriting greats, Natalie came to know artists and true bohemians. She borrowed a friend’s guitar at 16 and started writing songs on it immediately and began busking on subway platforms.

Natalie has been compared to Sheryl Crow, Jewel and Joni Mitchell. She writes honest, heartfelt songs addressing current affairs and revealing parts of her inner self.

Yes, our friend, the troubadour, Natalie Gelman, is back at Sundance. The activities surrounding the Sundance Film Festival and Park City, Utah could do no better than to feature this New York born and raised singer. We’ve been following Natalie for sometime now and we had the privilege of interviewing her for the HorizonVU Music Blog last October http://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?p=7543 .

It was much to our pleasant surprise to learn that on Thursday, Natalie was a featured guest with Jenn Hardmann on KSL-TV, the NBC-affiliated television station in Salt Lake City. We’re really excited to pass along the clip to you. Natalie sings her original song “Lion” with all the energy we have come to know and enjoy!

If you’re at the Sundance Film Festival, catch Natalie’s live performances at NY Loves Film Lounge, 545 Main Street, (Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday) and Koffeehouse Show at Flanagan’s (Tuesday), 438 Mainstreet, Park City.

Visit Natalie at

Article from RocketHub, 16 May 2011 http://blog.rockethub.com/emily-zuzik-discusses-moby-collaboration-in-p


Emily Zuzik is a prolific singer/songwriter, rocker and sought-after collaborator. She has the ability to effortless shift fluidly from acoustic folk to electronica and alternative rock and will be featured on Moby’s new album “Destroyed,” which is set to release May 17, 2011.


From Moby: “Emily’s vocals brought a unique dark and melodic texture to The Low Hum.  I’ve wanted to work with her ever since she auditioned for a rock project I started. She has remarkable talent and passion for all kinds of music. I’m excited to hear her new record.”

We caught up with Emily as she is about to participate in RocketHub’s Takeoff Tuesday – a weekly music series designed to entertain and support musical artists through networking, workshops and career enhancing showcases. She will talk about the Moby collaboration as well as other trends and adventures in the current music business landscape.


The event takes place at Spike Hill in Williamsburg – May 17th at 7PM. The same date that the record is released.

1. How did the song collaboration with Moby, “The Low Hum,” come about? – We’ve heard you use the theme of a late night in an “empty city” in the lyrics of the tune.

I met him initially when I auditioned to sing for a rock project he was working on. It never ended up seeing the light of day. Later on, he asked me to sing on a song for his next record. I don’t know if that song ever made the cut either, but then we decided to write together. He gave me a bunch of instrumental compositions and asked me to write to ones that struck me. His only request was to steer clear of strict narrative and make the lyrics more introspective and vague. We did a bunch of demos and one of our collaborations was “The Low Hum” which he put on his next record, Destroyed.

The late night in an empty city theme really came from what the song called for. I had just moved into an apartment in Murray Hill and I went over to the place one night on my own. I hadn’t move in any furniture yet. I’d hung a strand of Christmas lights on the window and sat in the middle of the living room floor. Then I was quiet and listened. The song happened that way. I described the scene and what I heard and how I felt in that moment. It wasn’t until later that Moby revealed that empty cities at night were a theme of his book and record. Kind of serendipitous that way…

2.  It is our understanding that the album will be released along with a photo book displaying a collection of photography Moby has shot over the years. Was “Low Hum” written with this idea of a “cross platform” distribution combining music and photgraphy?

No, I had no idea there was a book coming out until much later. I was surprised and excited by the news though. I shoot photography too, especially when I travel or am on the road. I also really like the pairing of sound and vision, as Bowie coined it. So, any opportunity I can be part of a “cross platform” project, I try to sign up for it.

3. What other projects do you have upcoming for the year that excite you the most?

Well, you kind of caught me in a maelstrom these days. Beyond the Moby song, I have some shows on both coasts (May 13 SF’s Makeout Room, May 17 Rockethub’s Featured Performer at Spike Hill, June 6 NY SongCircle Showcase at Bitter End).

I sang the theme song to the new NBC show “Love Bites” which is scheduled to debut on Thursday, June 2 at 10 PM. It was another collaborative project with Art Hays.


I am releasing my new album, The Wild Joys of Living, (which has 3 cowrites on it, 2 with Wes Hutchinson and one with Tom Glynn) at a CD RELEASE Party on Sat. June 25th at The Living Room at 11 PM. That cd release show will also be recorded live for XM Radio’s “From the Living Room to the Loft” program.

I’m working with UK dj team REFIX on another single and trying to keep all this going without losing my happiness or sanity. So far, so good…

Much thanks for taking the time to connect with us and for sharing these insights. We are excited to hear more at Takeoff Tuesday tomorrow!

Moby photo by Sunny Khasla

Emily photos courtesy www.emilyzuzik.com

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