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June Zhan joins Music2Deal. We are happy to announce and welcome June Zhan who joins the Music2Deal family as our representative for Greater China region.
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“I am feeling thrilled to join Music2deal. Chinese speaking markets like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, 20% population of Malaysia are getting even more vibrant and have a lot to offer and to be offered.” said Zhan. “By using Music2Deal and networking with professionals all around the world is so much easier than blind searching. Without Music2Deal, often it’s like looking for a needle in ocean on your own. Music2Deal is truly a user-friendly solution for any music related business!”

June Zhan is an international booking agent also a music licensing and digital content expert with well-established contacts with publishers, collection societies, and labels throughout Asia Pacific. June Zhan currently holds multi-positions at Atb-intl, GoDigital Media Group, Midem and Music2Deal.

Previously June Zhan served as Conference Team Director of the 25th and 26th Golden Melody Awards & Festival (GMA) 2014 – ’15. Prior to GMA, her extensive digital music business experience also as Director of Digital Business Dept. at EMI Taiwan/Gold Typhoon Group, VP of Profita Music Publishing at Seed Music Group, Sr. Manager of Licensing Dept. at Rock Mobile China.

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Atb-intl OU, the most experienced professional consultancy in music industry in Asia Pacific, especially bridging west to east such as South Korea market and Mandarin Chinese speaking markets!

Music2Deal CEO Mario Christiani Interviews Midem Director Alexandre Deniot

Originally posted at https://music2deal.com/fr/site/news#24680 on 21 May 2019

Alexandre Deniot

Mario Christiani: Hi Alexandre. So what exactly do you do at MIDEM?

Alexandre Deniot: I am the director of Midem. So, I’m in charge of this event globally. I manage all the teams from the conference team to all the partnership teams and I make sure that we provide the best service to our music community.

Mario Christiani: Please tell us more about the upcoming MIDEM 2019

Alexandre Deniot: This year’s Midem will see multiple initiatives putting artists and creation centre stage as the beating heart of the 2019 edition. These will include the opening of the Artist Hub, a brand new area dedicated to artists and talent development, the fresh addition of Midem Studio Sessions by Dynaudio, a fully-equipped studio where international artists will record live in public. Regarding our conference program, our lineup is just amazing with the heavy players of the industry like the music mogul Troy Carter, (CEO and Founder, Atom factory), Sylvia Rhone (CEO & President of Epic Records) or the Nigerian Artist Maleek Beery just to mention few of them!

Mario Christiani: Is there anything else you’d like to mention that will also be a special focus at MIDEM this year?

Alexandre Deniot: Also the competition for upcoming artists, the Midem Artist Accelerator, we celebrate this year the 5th anniversary, the second edition of the Midem Songwriting Camp and over 30 live concerts on the Midem Beach. Midem will also welcome this year the Jamaican project Inna de Yard, celebrating the work of reggae legends, Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus. We will host the premiere of their music documentary. Midem delegates will also be treated to a live show by the Inna De Yard artists, when they light up the Midem Beach, opening their European concert tour.

Mario Christiani: Hopefully the weather will be fine since there are so many artists playing at the MIDEM beach. Last time the weather was even better in Hamburg, which is not often [laughs].

Alexandre Deniot: We´ll see. We can only pray! [laughing]

Mario Christiani: Why is it an absolute must for every music professional to attend the festival?

Alexandre Deniot: MIDEM is the leading international music event for professionals. It´s a good way for music professionals to save time and money because we have more than 80 countries, about 2,000 companies, 5,000 attendees from the global ecosystem (artist’s entrepreneurs to tech companies). It is the largest international music platform in the world – and it’s growing. And this year we’re going to add 14 new countries at Midem. We provide opportunities for business opportunities and also artistic opportunities for the professionals.

by Phillip Cartwright
CEO, Horizonvu Group LLC (HorizonVU Music)

This post was written while attending The Sixth Art of Management and Organization Conference, The University of York, 4-12 2012.

Phil Cartwright

Phil Cartwright

You’re an emerging musician? You have a site and you are registered on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, and SoundCloud. Hold on. Technology has seriously disrupted the music business making access to physical and digital channels relatively easy, but despite this ease of access to potential networks of fans, there are many platforms available for connecting with fans and there are millions of people using them. There many thousands of emerging musicians hoping to launch their careers on-line by building a solid fan base, and perhaps, catching the ear of a label executive. It has been argued that accepting for the one-percent of performing artists that are discovered, many social networks are not viable and sustainable economic markets in any conventional sense.

Networks in business and personal relationships have long been studied offline and online. It is widely recognized that networks play important roles in success and the knowledge that is both contributed to a network and that which is gained as the result of participating in the network has a lot to do with the extent to which success is created and captured. In simplest terms, knowledge of network players (for example, musicians, managers, team members, agents, venue owners, marketers and promoters) and their interconnections lies at the heart of the argument.

A key to networking for success is orchestration – using multiple platforms and channels to focus attention toward the music and being consistent and persistent in the message. This amounts to efforts to succeed by finding and managing creative combinations for value. Like promotion, the objective of orchestration is to stimulate market response, but the focus of orchestration is on process and connectivity, whereas promotion is focused on tactical content. In the orchestration stage, the objective is to use channels, platforms and network interconnectivities between groups of individuals (actors, associations or groups) or individuals (customers or fans). Orchestration is a process by which networked relationships are combined and managed for success.

Combinations must be original and expressive and they must have compatibility and consistency. Compatibility refers to the fact that the broad range of music potentially produced meets the requirements of the intended audience. In technology-based companies it is possible to produce multiple versions of a product in order to be compatible with a particular device. In music, an artist producing multiple versions of a song to meet the preferences of different audience segments is likely to be disastrous. Admittedly, this has been done by some artists (e.g. Shania Twain, “Up”, released in three versions on the Mercury/Nashville label), but it is not standard practice. Consistency simply requires that messages concerning the brand attributes and brand identity of the group or individual are clear and concise across channels. The extent to which these messages are consistent will determine the positive or deleterious effects on the artists’ network identities.

Networking and orchestration is not easy. Despite access to technology and millions of potential fans, the emerging artist will face issues of strategy and tactics. It’s important to be informed and understand business basics, but don’t fire your manager or other members of your team thinking you can do it all yourself. If these people are really supportive, you probably cannot afford to disconnect them from your organization like a piece of outdated software. Very few people are good at everything. You want to get the best support you can to help guide you through the business of music – so you can focus on what you do best – the music!

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