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Morning the World! Spring is practically over and everyone is waiting for sunny summer – enthusiastic as never before! But, of course, we don’t forget our best friend-music-so I’m writing about “Songbird”, the new album release from Chantelle Barry. This new release is light and “transparent” for listeners – ideal music for those who want to find their zen and melt in the spirit of spring and freedom. The “Songbird” album brings smiles and a positive mood. I strongly recommend this CD for travelers wanting to enjoy the vibes from summer weather and calm music.

Chantelle is an Australian singer-songwriter and actress. She started her career in music, and since, has (in addition to her music) been very involved in television and film. She has won numerous awards and earned fame in across media. She won POPSTARS Australia in 2000, got 1st Place in the UK Songwriting Contest for her song “You”, Top 5 Finalist in Songwriting Universe “Song Of The Month” contest, a 1st and 3rd place in the Song of the Year songwriting contest and Top 10 in the Music Nation online music competition. More than that, she received a “best song” nomination in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for “Love Someone”!

Her career as an actress is successful, but her heart belongs to music. She released her first solo album “Simple Things” in 2009. Its popularity inspired Chantelle to record “Songbird”, written in Pop-Folk style. The thirteen track album is a mix of brand new, and well-known songs. It starts with “Better in Twos” a song that sets apart the personality of singer and delivers a strong message to listeners of the albums’ spirit and ideas. “Better in Twos” is followed by very light song called “Fly Away” inspiring us to think less about everyday chores and problems in order to follow adventures. One of the highlights of this album is the track “Love Someone”. It’s full of emotions and feelings. This song has been praised by both listeners and critics.

“None of Yours” and “Take a Walk With Me” are very different from each other, but the combination of the two brings about a sense of being complete. The positive wave shifts to the slow, melodic and simply pleasant “Day by Day”. I was surprised by “ Like You Do”. It’s a track that brings a bit of the Pacific islands to mind with sound elements of island guitar and ukulele to spread the spirit of holidays and peace that I personally like a lot. Another track delivering some of the same uplift is “You”- the reggae-style chorus helps us feel the sun even while we’re in our flats and offices!

“Drive” differs from all the other tracks. It is a song with fantastic energy and very melodic sound. Chantelle’s mild voice brings sensitivity and feminine mildness. The last track on the album is “I Remember”. It will melt you to the end. Totally peaceful and harmonious, the song leaves a pleasant footprint in our hearts.

I strongly recommend this album, as well as earlier recordings from this talented musician. For everyone who is looking for summer-style songs with meaning and true quality, “Songbird” is the CD. These songs bring the sun and smiles supporting the holidays. And not to worry, when the time comes, the music will warm you up on a cold winter evening! Enjoy Chantelle Barry’s “Songbird” and if you can catch her live – go for it!

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