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Maria001_smallMaria Zubova, Media Writer, Music

Maria Zubova and “Maria’s Sound Space…” is a regular column for HorizonVU Music. Maria has a passion for music and she likes to communicate about it. Maria is herself a trained musician. She is follows photography, arts, fashion, and travel. Of course, she frequently attends different concerts and rock festivals.

Attention! New star on the stage!

Let me present a band that totally conquered my heart – Tarah Who! It is a band that consists of French citizens but these people can for sure be called big travelers- they are making records in LA, USA and give concerts all around Europe and the U.S.

What kind of style do they prefer? Rock-pure and unbeaten! I have had a big pleasure to listen to their records, but to see them live – twice in March 2012. I also had a unique opportunity to talk to members of the band a for HorizonVU Music! But let’s go step-by-step.

To begin with, Tarah Who?’s albums sound very confident and attract the listeners’ attention from the first second. I’ve enjoyed both their old tracks and new ones. They have very melodic songs, highly-professional and well-balanced sound, but what is really catchy about them is the voice of Tarah G., the lead singer and guitarist. Tarah G. has a incredibly strong vocals, real passion and energy about everything that she’s doing.

The band has recently gone through some changes – welcoming some new members adding fresh blood to their music. Talking about their music more

Photo Credit: Laurence Gibson

Photo Credit: Laurence Gibson

specifically, I’m recommending some songs that I found really catchy and interesting, especially for new-listeners. As for me, most of them are even in the list of my top tracks for this spring!

The song “In my Mind” that starts the album “In a Rush” helps us to understand what to expect from it: great sound, many hits and catchy melodies, energy, strong vocals and half an hour of rock pleasure! It is one of the top listened songs of Tarah Who? Another great surprise of this album is “Unbalanced” – the song that has its own style and rhythm. It is rather easy to remember the lyrics and melody so you can become its fan very fast. The top song of Tarah Who? is “In a Rush” the album’s namesake. You can already feel its importance.”Our Story” stands out. It is something more personal, even private. It is written in the style of country mixed with calm classical rock. I’d for sure recommend the last song on “In a Rush” album called “Happy” – it shows off the character and strong soul of this band.

Photo Credit: Maria Zubova

Photo Credit: Maria Zubova

As was mentioned before, I had managed to be present at two their recent concerts. The first one was at “L’OPA” Bastille where Tarah Who? played on the same stage with The Kennedys and Hannah Judson. It was a great performance with sound on max, so all listeners could enjoy the pure rock songs of this band. At the same time, a bit later, I was surprised at the other other concert where Tarah and Pilal (drummer in Tarah Who) played the same songs but in the unplugged version. I can say that both concerts were of the highest quality and totally satisfied my demans for music. I strongly believe, that both the electric and the acoustic versions are worthy of attention. The face and sense change according to the performance.

The interview that I made before one of the concerts was really very exciting: all members of the band are very pleasant, openhearted and open-minded. Each member already has years of experience, but still they are are kind and eager to communicate. I found out that the band is closely connected to another band called “So Was The Sun”-they share a guitarist (Palem). Tarah G. likes pure and old school rock like Foo Fighters. Today the members of the band are working to adapt as musicians to each other. They have rather different musical tastes, but they all share the objective of generating energetic, rock, “ I want us to have fun and our fans to party with us!”. It’s an interesting direction to go and one of their latest songs “Rainy Days” a great example of the unique collaboration of talented people and their ideas. Check out the vid.

At the end of the interview I asked each member of the band two words: one that they like and other they hate. Here’s the response that I got:
Tarah: 1.music/karma
2. impossible
Pilal: 1. Sun
2. Duty
Palem: 1. Sonic
2. Weakness
Sam: 1.Defeat
2. Particularly

I’m really pleased to announce to all fans of Tarah Who? as well as those who would like to explore this band are welcome to join the band in concert “In The Mood(‘s) for Rock” on 11th May! It will be a unique event with many bands to participate so I’d strongly encourage and recommend everyone to be there!!!

Maria Zubova

Visit Tarah Who? at


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by Lei Guo for HorizonVU Music

March 1 and the Benefit Concert for the Association Christina Noble! The night was staged at at Mc Bride’s Irish Pub in Paris’ 1st arrondissement and featured Hannah Judson, Etienne Rosas & Band, and Tarah Who? Proceeds went to benefit children in Vietnam andposter_CNCF_1_3_small Mongolia.

It was a great day, perfect for my first go at organizing a concert. From sun-up, I was pretty stressed and excited all at the same time. Stressed because I was worried sick about not being late, how it will go,what should I do to make it as good as possible, even what should I wear… And obviously excited because I knew everything will be awesome!

Amandine Boubennec and Caroline Faraud, Association Christina Noble

Amandine Boubennec and Caroline Faraud, Association Christina Noble

After making final arrangements and a quick set-up, the night kiched off with Hannah Judson. Hannah’s music and mellow voice guides you among her travels, her life and experiences. As evening moved to night, people gathered around – obviously delighted and charmed by her charisma. With Hannah you fly away as high and as far as her ballads can take you.
Then the change-over to Etienne Rosas & Band. The room was filled with their good cover vibes. From Richy Valens to The Beatles, you already knew the songs, just a matter of letting yourself go and roll with the rock. Etienne and his band are young, young but very talented and they

Lei Guo with  Claude Guillaumin and Kim Naef

Lei Guo with Claude Guillaumin and Kim Naef

Hannah Judson

Hannah Judson

Etienne Rosas & Band

Etienne Rosas & Band

know how to put on a show. They really wet their shirts, OMG is that me or is the temperature rising?

Finally, a black haired girl goes on stage with her band. She plugs in her guitar and…the rock is on! Tarah Who? Tarah G. is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Tarah G. is incredibly talented, experienced and full of energy. You feel THE pulse , so bang your head. Tarah G., Pilal and Sam…they really rock and just for that – a big thank you guys!

Last call came to fast…unplug the mics…ok. But not to worry…we’ll do it again, sooner than later.

Tarah G.

Tarah G.

Big up to everyone who participated to the event. A special thanks to Keiran who welcomed us to McBride’s, to HorizonVU Music for the

Desmond Mcgetrick, PSB and Phil Cartwright

Desmond Mcgetrick, PSB and Phil Cartwright

production, to IESA http://www.iesa.info/spip.php?page=home&couleur=violet, Paris School of Business http://www.psbedu.com/and to all the donors who gave to a terrific cause – the Association Christina Noble.

Visit the Association Christina Noble at  http://www.asso-christina-noble.fr/

You can find Etienne Rosas at http://www.reverbnation.com/therevies

Hannah Judson at www.hannahjudson.com

and Tarah Who? at www.tarahwho.com

Of course, you can find Hannah Judson and Tarah Who? at www.horizonvumusic.com

Tarah Who?

Tarah Who?

If you were to combine bands , and let’s call it the Musician Potluck , Tarah Who? Would be the main Dish .

Tarah Who ? Is a mix of :  singer,songwriter,multi-instrumentalist Tarah G . ( Author , composer , Lead Vocals and Guitar of Ex ML & Band ) ,
So was the Sun ’s Lead Singer and guitarist Palem ( also Lead singer of The Bree Van de Kamp’s ) ,
Le Banc’ s Drummer and The Bree Van de Kamp ’s Guitarist Pilal (who plays the drums in Tarah Who ? )
And Staircase wisp ’s Bassist , Sam ,also guitarist of Elias(e) and Tarah Who’s new bass player .

Tarah Who ? ? Like you may have understood , was not born yesterday … Tarah G . Has been around for about a decade writing , singing, gigging all around the place and the world , as a solo , acoustic sometimes electric, female artist . Started her career in Los Angeles in small , yet renowned venues such as The Cat Club , The Derby , The Mint , The Viper Room , Trip club etc …
It is when and only she has met Palem , and joined his band So Was The Sun , as the bassist , That Tarah G . joined the conspiracy . Little did she know at this time , that she

Tarah G.

Tarah G.

was going to meet the very talented Pilal , who, one day suggested to work together on a few of her tracks . Their enthusiasm won over , and yet have they asked Palem to join the party . In desperate need of a bassist , Pilal asked his band mate from another project ( Staircase wisp ) Sam , whether he had some extra time , to Rock ….and Roll ….

And this is how Tarah Who ? ’s journey began …
Concerts, Ep on the road . Tarah Who ? Is going to fill you up with rocking vibes like you haven’t heard in a little while …
90’s Rock is BACK ! Untie your hair,or let it grow , get yourself back in shape for head banging , crowd surfing and mosh pitting because that’s all Tarah Who ? is Out and About !

Discover Tarah Who ? Now at www.tarahwho.com
EP soon available .
All concerts information on website .
Support and Follow Tarah Who ? On Twitter , Facebook , Noomiz, Reverbnation .
Spread The Word!

Some past gigs :
Paris ( Le sentier des Halles, Le Zebre de Belleville , La Scene Bastille , OPA Bastille etc…)Dijon , Lyon , Berlin , Ho Chi Minh City ….

Booking contact : royalorchidee@gmail.com

What’s The Buzz ?

Happy New Year !!!!
A big thanks for all of your support in 2011 .
Thanks to the people around , helping in the project since it started .
Thanks to you , we’re still around ..

A Big thank you to my uncle without whom , you wouldn t be able to follow us much online …
Thank you : the fans and friends that go crazy with us during concerts without you guys, well we wouldn t get that much energy to wake up every morning and keep doing what we love .
And finally big thanks to “THE BOYS “… the lil crew of Pilal, Palem , and Sam who recently joined the band , and without whom i don t know what .. but i freaking love these guys .
but the lil crew is also Jule, Loic from So Was the Sun ,Vincent , Maxence, Berenice (SilicOn Carne), Peps ( Dr Peppers ), Lea , J.M. , Aline , Cynthia ( thanks again for the Video ) ,Anna ,Gwen,Shay , Chrissy, Eun Young, Rasa (girl u need to behave in 2012 !!) …(Sorry for those who i might have forgotten i barely just opened my eyes !)
Point is … Thanks for being here and understanding us, and our life style !
Thanks for supporting the project , the music , the artists and the concerts.
Let’s Meet in 2012 and make this year a better year than the last .;)
Love you all

Tarah G.

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