September is coming to an end and here at ÉCU we’ve been extremely busy getting back into the swing of things. While our summer interns may have gone off back to their studies, off to live with monks or eskimos or have just gone off to pursue the usual other things that humans do, a wave of fresh blood has flooded into the office bringing in with them even more exciting ideas that we will be bringing to you over the following months! Say hello to Tommaso, Georgia, Habiba, Christian and Geidre and Mathilde!

As well as our amazing new interns, ÉCU are very happy to announce that we have established two new partnerships this month with two great European festivals, the Sgaurdi Altrove Film Festival in Milan and Arouca Film Festival in Arouca, Portugal. Both are very exciting and promote creativity and innovation through independent film. We are glad to have them on board and look forward to working with them with our ÉCU-ON-THE-ROAD events.

ÉCU-ON-THE-ROAD reached far and wide this month with both ÉCU-in-NAPPERVILLE and ÉCU-in-INNSTRASSE screening films from our collection. Twenty award winning films from ÉCU’s 2015 edition were screened at the Naperville Film Festival in Illinois, USA from 12th to 19th September 2015. Two films from ÉCU’s 2015 Official Selection, Border Trafficking and One Thousand and One Teardrops were screened at the Sommernachtskino open air cinema in Walther’s park in Innsbruck, Austria as part of the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival on September 18th. The adventure doesn’t stop there, as our films will be making their way to Egypt for the Qabila Film Festival from 8th to 10th October, Denmark for the Aarhus Independent Pixels from 16th to 18th October and Morocco for the 8th Tangier International Film Festival from 20th to 24th October.

This month we are also very pleased to announce the launch of our ÉCU movie review, with an article each week dedicated to one of the latest releases of indie films. The first film we have chosen to review is La Vanité by Lionel Baier. Keep checking our website to say up to date with the films we have been creeping into the cinemas late at night to see.

Whilst you are doing that also have a look at our spotlight articles. We are constantly searching for interesting characters in the film world to write about and this month an eclectic mix of Tippi Hedren, Quentin Dupieux (also known as Mr Oizo), David Lynch and the wonderful Bill Murray have made it onto our list.

Submissions keep rolling in and we have had a lot of interest this month so you will have a lot of films to look forward to during our festival from 8th -10th April 2016. In the mean time you can keep up to date through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) and watch the latest submission trailers on our Youtube page. October is approaching and we are sure there is a lot more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for our latest escapades!