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Introducing Charlotte Cardin, Canadian Author, Composer and Singer

By Clara Zicaro, HorizonVU Music

Her Childhood
Charlotte Cardin started to play the piano at the age of 5 but she stopped 2 years after, to focus on singing. She begins to sing at 8 years old. At 15 years old, she takes the plunge and becomes a model for the “financial freedom that this job gets”.

Charlotte Cardin: A Discovery
She is known thanks to The TV show “La Voix» in 2013, a Quebecker declination of «The Voice», in which she finishes in the first season’s head motion trio. Since then, she accepted a duet with the famous singer Garou.

A Double Culture
Native of Montreal, she had a double culture that characterizes this place. “I have always been exposed to a bilingual world.” She is the bearer of an Anglo-Saxon and a Francophone inheritance. “My grand-mother, originating in Alberta was talking English such as some of my friends. At home, French was appropriate.”

Her Inspiration
She is fascinated by Céline Dion and her music lovers’ parents. They were listening a lot to the Rolling Stones and Led Zep.

Her Voice
Charlotte Cardin has a singular voice full of soul that is most of the time compared to Amy Winehouse and Adele. She has taste for pop, jazz and rock’n’roll especially thanks to her father. “I am doing pop music inspired of soul, jazz and trip-hop. I am saying that I am doing pop music because I grew up in this musical world and that I am very proud to define myself as “pop” because this term encompasses today a lot more of things, even if I know that I don’t sound as “American pop”, the one we think about when we cite the term “pop”.

Her Songs
Revealed to the public last year with Main Girl, Charlotte Cardin just released two new singles this month. The first one is: Fous n’importe où in which she sings with CRi, an electronic version of the song of Daniel Bélanger. It is in fact a promotional campaign for the Quebec tourism. The second one is called Drive. Charlotte Cardin also sings covers such as Go Flex from Post Malone, Sorry from Justin Bieber or the mythical Wicked Games from Chris Isaak. Other of her songs refer to Amy Winehouse. Dirty Dirty has some real accents of this singer and Blackened Eyes is a song that certainly evocates her. Charlotte Cardin does not only focus on pop and electronic music but also to jazz with Big Boy, to rap with Like It Doesn’t Hurt (accompanied by the rapper Husser) and to French titles such as Faufile.

Charlotte Cardin covers her tracks with songs from various genres: jazz, electronic, hip-hop and soul music.

Here is the official video for her famous title, “Big Boy”.

What’s The Buzz ?

Jefferson Starship – A Very Good Trip (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)

by HorizonVU Music

Jefferson Starship with Paul Kantner, Cathy Richardson and David Freiberg, The Bataclan, Paris

Jefferson Starship with Paul Kantner, Cathy Richardson and David Freiberg, The Bataclan, Paris

Jefferson Starship rocked The Bataclan in Paris last night! Lead by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Jefferson Airplane founder Paul Kantner and David Freiberg, a former Jefferson Airplane member and co-founder of the legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service , Jefferson Starship lives on – for all ages. Starship lead singer Cathy Richardson’s driving vocals work perfectly standalone and with the three part harmonies so characteristic of the Airplane and Starship
Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner

(see our interview with Cathy http://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?p=7244). Jude Gold (The Macrodots) plays one mean lead guitar. Chris Smith (The Supremes) on keyboard and drummer Richard Newman let us know beyond a doubt that while they might be behind the front line, they’re not to be put back-of-mind by unleasing late-in-the-show solos.

Cathy Richardson

Cathy Richardson

The Starship blasted off with “Sunrise” followed by “Somebody To Love” and “Fresh Air” (Quicksilver Messenger Service). The show built momentum (crowd slow to start – reminiscent of the 60’s only in that we concert goers were often “docile”… for extended periods), but last night’s crowd did come alive as Starship moved on through “Cowboy on the Run” (Quicksilver Messenger Service), “Get Together” (Youngbloods), “Miracles” and “Wooden Ships” .

It seems only right that there was an interlude of sorts as Cathy and Jude Gold gave us a taste (and a good one) of The Macrodots and their new

Paul Kantner and Jude Gold

Paul Kantner and Jude Gold

release “the Other Side” http://www.themacrodots.com/.

Cathy Richardson and HorizonVU Musics Phil Cartwright

Cathy Richardson and HorizonVU Music's Phil Cartwright

The adrenaline flowed with “The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil” and the fireworks were exploding with Cathy Richardson leading the way with “White Rabbit”…”Volunteers” and to use Kantner’s intro line a “kick ass” finale of “The Other Side Of This Life” (Fred Neil). Talking to David Freiberg after the show, I couldn’t help but deeply admire his energy and spirit. A young fan standing next to me wished she “could have been there”. I don’t have an urge to re-run the 60’s and 70’s (unless it’s limited to the confines of my memory bank), but Jefferson Starship is still a trip!

Visit Jefferson Starship at http://www.jeffersonstarshipsf.com/

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