29 May 2015

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Little Out There

Tarah Who?
Little Out There
(A Diamond Heart Production, 2014)

Following their debut album, In A Rush, the French LA-based punk rock band Tarah Who? have released their sophomore album, Little Out There. The much-anticipated 11-track collection will no doubt take punk rock fans on an energetically angsty musical whirlwind with its fast-paced, riveting guitars, high-powered (and head-banging worthy!) drum solos. Little Out There captures to a “T” (for Tarah, pun intended) the powerfully emotive vocals of the trio’s multi-instrumentalist frontwoman, French/American singer Tarah G. Carpenter. (A true master of the drums, guitar and bass, fans will also hear Carpenter’s enthralling guitar skills on the latest release.)

As the opening track on Little Out There, “Worst To Come” showcases one of Tarah Who?’s greatest assets: Carpenter’s killer vocal range. With emotionally-charged wails, powerful groans and a hint of spiraling yodels (yes, yodels), Carpenter’s voice should be dubbed as the vocal lovechild of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and alternative rock queen Alanis Morissette. Comparisons of Carpenter’s vocals to Vedder’s voice are also apparent on the album’s closing track, “Burn that Shithole Down.” Still, the heavy bass and recklessly powerful drums also make “Worst To Come” a great opener for the band’s newest release.

But let it be noted: Little Out There is not just a compilation of screams and heavy basses. The theme of love also plays a central role throughout the album and is most apparent in the slower-paced track, “Human to Be” (“We can be ourselves/…Love, love, love, love”) and “Tear Apart” (“I love you, I love you/…I gave all I could”). Little Out There reaches a compelling musical climax with the track “Hear All Ears”—by far the most ballad-like title on the album. Far slower in tempo with a prominently melodic and soothing (yes, soothing) guitar throughout the track, its lyrical content runs deep; possessing a more revealing and probing nature—like one desperately attempting to crack the code of someone’s soul in order to understand their own (“Tell me what you’re hiding/ What’s your secret?/ And who’s the real you/ I know you have so much inside/ Just like I do”).

Still, with Little Out There, Tarah Who? stay true to their roots, whatever they maybe.

In an interview with the music blog, Revolution 360, Carpenter explains, “I usually say I’m rock, but people ask me what kind of rock? Truth is, I don’t even know! So far I have heard we are punk, grunge, indie, rock and alternative. I even heard “metal on the edge.” As long as we’re not called pop…I don’t really mind. But to me, it’s still just ROCK!”

And the proof is in the music.

Carpenter’s low, angsty vocals and pissed off yells in “Lower Your Tune” is reminiscent of Garbage’s Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle, respectively, while “Too Much Thinking” stands as a worthy successor to The Distillers’ “City Of Angels.”

With their hard-hitting guitar riffs, heavy pounding drums, a steady, slick and at times seductive bass (courtesy of the album’s bassist and drummer, Pilal), titles including “Down,” “Beautiful,” “Rainy Day” and “Lost ‘n’ Cold” create a punk, grunge, indie, alternative—ROCK!–world of musical drama that is a Little Out There.


01. Worst to Come
02. Rainy Day
03. Human to Be
04. Too Much Thinking
05. Lower Your Tune
06. Lost ‘n’ Cold
07. Tear Apart
08. Beautiful
09. Here All Ears
10. Down
11. Burn that Shithole Down

Tarah Who? is made up of Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals, guitar), Pierre Gallotta (drums,bass, guitar).

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