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Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

by student organizers at Paris School of Business and l’Institut d’Études Supérieures des Arts (IESA) for the Sue Rynski Photography Exhibition 11 July 2012, 7th July – 31st August 2012, Café Artistique l’Apostrophe

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

The chaotic, frenetic scene of the punk rock musicians, young spectators along with their fresh anger, distant dreams and “raw power”, are all freeze-framed in Sue’s black-and-white camera. The legendary godfather and godmother of the punk rock music Iggy Pop and the Stooges and Patti Smith appear under Rynski’s lens as subversive members among the crowds instead of rock n’ roll superstars . Rynski tends to capture people without including their heads in the photographs. In this way, by neglecting their identities, she successfully records the cultural background vividly without being overshined by those
notorious figures.

The distorted composition created by Sue Rynski embodies Movements are involved in the static, two-dimensional images with the suffusing cigarette smoke, jumping up-and down musicians and howling spectators. Furthermore, the black-and-white photographs now demonstrate a certain quality of “retrospect” which coordinates perfectly with the status quo of punk rock music — the “vintage come-back”. Comparing Rynski’s art works with others from that period of time, people identify her art works from the specific content focusing on underground rock n’ roll performances and revelry of the youth. Moreover, the black-and-white feature as well as the “no-head” shoot also brings immediate recognition to Rynski’s works. Finally, certain “coolness” conveyed from Rynski’s photographs could be another measurement.

The first institution that Rynski attended could be identified as the city of Detroit. Immersing in the “high energy, physical, emotional” music, Rynski

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

took in this type of music so that the energy from the music will later poured out onto her photography. Later, she moved to Paris and learned photography at the American Center for students and artists in Paris. This was the footstone for her to clearly realize her passion towards photography and to hone the multifarious skills to become a professional photographer. After moving back to the U.S. and continuing her education at University of Michigan School of Art, Rynski graduated not only as an energetic photographer, but also as a sensitive, creative artist. These educational “institutions” molded and inspired the photographer to march forward to the images that she longed to make.

On the other hand, on the other side of the business, a group of cultural “institutions” also contributed to her career by promoting her as a productive witness of the 70s and the chaotic music or political movement in America. In 2004, the Patti Smith Archive at Mills College published a collection including Rynski’s photographic works with Patti Smith and her husband Fred Sonic Smith featured in it. In 2005, the exhibition “Sue Rynski, Rock and Roll Ecstasy” was held in her hometown of Detroit.

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

Photo © Sue Rynski All Rights Reserved

In 2006, the Zamiang Gallery in Tokyo held an exhibition for the release of Sue’s first monography “hysteric fifteen” and the launch of her photo t shirts collection by Hysteric Glamour. Paris Université VII Jussieu invited her for lectures and the exhibition “Detroit Rock & Roll Haute Enérgie” in 2007. She also participated in the Art Basel Miami in 2008, and in 2009, she had works included in the “Destroy All Monsters – Hungry For Death” exhibition which traveled to New York, Minneapolis, London and Oslo. In 2010, her work was consecrated at the Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival, the most prestigious art photography festival in the world, as part of the exhibition “I Am a Cliché – Echoes of the Punk Aesthetic.” Prestigious cultural media such as France Culture and Arte have interviewed her.

Although Rynski intends to blur the identifications of her objects in the photographs, important figures from the punk rock movement also make her works known by the world. These significant musicians include Patti Smith, MC5, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Destroy All Monsters and so on and so forth. Due to her well-known subjects or “objects” (in this case, the people in Rynski’s photos) no matter the location of where her works are being exhibited, her photographs are decontextualized.

Sue Rynski’s photos are on exhibit through 31 August at Café Artistique l’Apostrophe, 23 rue de La Grange Aux Belles 75010 Paris, France.

Visit Sue Rynski Photography at http://www.suerynski.com/

Tarah Who?

Tarah Who?

If you were to combine bands , and let’s call it the Musician Potluck , Tarah Who? Would be the main Dish .

Tarah Who ? Is a mix of :  singer,songwriter,multi-instrumentalist Tarah G . ( Author , composer , Lead Vocals and Guitar of Ex ML & Band ) ,
So was the Sun ’s Lead Singer and guitarist Palem ( also Lead singer of The Bree Van de Kamp’s ) ,
Le Banc’ s Drummer and The Bree Van de Kamp ’s Guitarist Pilal (who plays the drums in Tarah Who ? )
And Staircase wisp ’s Bassist , Sam ,also guitarist of Elias(e) and Tarah Who’s new bass player .

Tarah Who ? ? Like you may have understood , was not born yesterday … Tarah G . Has been around for about a decade writing , singing, gigging all around the place and the world , as a solo , acoustic sometimes electric, female artist . Started her career in Los Angeles in small , yet renowned venues such as The Cat Club , The Derby , The Mint , The Viper Room , Trip club etc …
It is when and only she has met Palem , and joined his band So Was The Sun , as the bassist , That Tarah G . joined the conspiracy . Little did she know at this time , that she

Tarah G.

Tarah G.

was going to meet the very talented Pilal , who, one day suggested to work together on a few of her tracks . Their enthusiasm won over , and yet have they asked Palem to join the party . In desperate need of a bassist , Pilal asked his band mate from another project ( Staircase wisp ) Sam , whether he had some extra time , to Rock ….and Roll ….

And this is how Tarah Who ? ’s journey began …
Concerts, Ep on the road . Tarah Who ? Is going to fill you up with rocking vibes like you haven’t heard in a little while …
90’s Rock is BACK ! Untie your hair,or let it grow , get yourself back in shape for head banging , crowd surfing and mosh pitting because that’s all Tarah Who ? is Out and About !

Discover Tarah Who ? Now at www.tarahwho.com
EP soon available .
All concerts information on website .
Support and Follow Tarah Who ? On Twitter , Facebook , Noomiz, Reverbnation .
Spread The Word!

Some past gigs :
Paris ( Le sentier des Halles, Le Zebre de Belleville , La Scene Bastille , OPA Bastille etc…)Dijon , Lyon , Berlin , Ho Chi Minh City ….

Booking contact : royalorchidee@gmail.com

Pop/rocker and award winning Gibson artist, Jerad Finck claims the #1 independent song in the country with his latest release “Runaway” continuing the climb the charts and hold steady at #1. “Runaway” quickly rose in the Hot 100 almost immediately on the AC charts. The hot new artist is garnering rave reviews and is currently launching a U.S. tour will perform live with his band at an exclusive VIP Press event on Sunday, August 28 th in  New York.

“Runaway” is about not giving up on your dreams, no matter how hard it gets which was the perfectbackdrop for a video inspired by Dirk Nowitzki who was named the MVP in this year’s NBA Finals. Not only has “Runaway” climbed quickly on the radio charts but both the NBA and the NHL used Jerad’s music for videos in the finals that celebrated both the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Bruins title wins.

Finck hails from Spokane, Washington and recently returned from two successful stops in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nevada. Long noted as a road warrior, Jerad has traveled more than 100,000 miles to date and to 46 states to bring his original music to his fans.  He has been featured in over 50 newspapers and magazines and has appeared on numerous morning shows including NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS.  His original music continues to be featured on some of the country’s most popular programming carried on HBO, ESPN, Discovery, CBS and NBC to name a few.  He has recorded with Grammy winner John Seymour, Produced with Anthony Resta, and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios with Steve Rooke.  He will also soon hit the road with Sister Hazel with cities to be announced soon. This is Finck’s second tour with the internationally recognized platinum selling alternative rock group.

Fans can download “Runaway” on iTunes or go to  www.jeradfinckmusic.com . Follow Jerad Finck at www.facebook.com/jeradfinck music or www.twitter.com/jeradfinckmusic .

Laura V

Laura V

We’ve been listening to Laura V and LA Velvet for quite and still love to spin  ‘You Got The Looks That Kill” from the group’s first album “Pure, Sexy, Loud  Rock n’Roll” – gets the blood surging. Laura V and LA Velvet are all pop rock, they’re hot,  and they deserve your attention.  Just released, “ The One I Love “ is a  chart worthy collection of  sassy vocals,  punchy guitar and high energy. There’s no doubt that this threesome can rock and be as brash as any girl band on the planet, but they also know the meaning of melody and can deliver on  catchy tunes.

It’s in that spirit, we  go with “Here In Holloywood”. True to the rock sound, the track works with  Laura V’s breathy vocal. It shows that the group knows how to slow it down and deliver on melody. Next up, “Set Me  Free”.  It’s still  pop rock , but  gets us  thinking electro club mix. This one  is snappy and it’ll make you get up off whatever you’re sitting on and move. Third, “Don’t Push It”  takes us right back up  with bare-bones rock.

The music really matters to Laura V and LA Velvet. “The One I Love” has great energy – we say “go for it”!

Track List

You Make My Heart Stop Beating

Down and Dirty
Don’t Push It
Here In Hollywood
The One I Love

Set Me Free
Last Night
Boy Toy



Laura V

Laura V

Laura V has been a friend of HorizonVU Music from the beginning of the company and it’s really a pleasure to catch-up as we approach the release of LA Velvet’s CD “The One I Love”.  Laura has been involved in music from a very early age (five). She’s put her heart and soul into her music. Laura and LA Velvet are based in Los Angeles.

Laura! Thanks for meeting with us. We know a little bit about you from our email exchanges and online bios, but tell us the story of Laura…Give us a look into the personal side of Laura V!

LV: Hi, first of all, thanks for having me! Ok, where should I start? I was born in Venezuela in a humble and beautiful family. I felt in love with music since I was in my Mom’s belly. My father used to sing his songs for me and play guitar with so much love! Within a few years I was already studying music theory, piano and guitar. When I was 15 I played guitar and sang my own music in a major music festival in front of more than 10,000 people – probably one of the best experiences of my life!

I moved to New York by myself when I was really young and made a living singing Jazz and bartending. I always loved Rock and Pop music and decided to move to Los Angeles. Once there, I founded my band LA Velvet. I worked three different bartending jobs to be able to afford to pay for my self produced CD “Pure, Sexy, Loud Rock n’ Roll” and I finally released it in 2010. We sold more than 5.000 copies around the world even in Japan. Immediately, we started touring around the U.S. and Europe. Now we are really excited because this year we are going to Mexico too! Everywhere we go LA Velvet rocks harder than anything you have ever seen! ;)

Excuse me, Laura…want to interupt for…exactly 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Let’s have a look and listen to “You Got The Looks That Kill”  from “Pure, Sexy; Loud Rockn’Roll”…

You defintely rock…Okay, so what happened next?

LV: Then I got signed with Severe Records, they are based in Nashville. Chris Sevier is such an amazing producer and GUnit collaborated too!

Currently, we are about to do the big worldwide release my new album “The One I Love”. Secretly it’s now available for everybody, anywhere in

Laura V and LA Velvet

Laura V and LA Velvet

the world on my personal merchandise page: http://www.lavelvet.bigcartel.com/. Now for limited time you can also get for a great price a package that includes the CD, a t-shirt, a signed poster and a collector surprise! :)

Now, I came from a really humble background and everything I do and I have I’m happy to say I conquered by myself.  So I really hope I can be an inspiration to my fans. Thanks for the amazing support because I can’t do it without you!! <3

We know you been working music for a long time. How did your interest come about and how have you gone about developing your career. Keep in mind, we reach a lot of young, aspiring musicians – we know it’s tough, so tell us what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

LV:  What works: Hard work, passion, love for what you do! Also be ready all the time no matter how tough a tour or making a record could be!

What doesn’t work: Negativity, Ego, playing music for the wrong reasons and giving the wrong messages to your fans!

Who comes to mind when you think about inspiration for your music and your career?

LV: Life, Love, People, Traveling, Touring, a Beautiful Sunset, The Beach, The Desert, Winter and Summer! So many things wow! ; )
We’re really curious to know about what you think about when you reflect on the greatest moment of your career to-date AND what comes to mind when you think of the worst.

LV: The greatest moment is when I feel that my fans are inspired after my shows or after listening my music! Also, when I play my songs on TV  and Radio. In general, I have being so blessed for touring the US and Europe already. And now I’m taking my new record to all the continents in the world with my own hands! ;)

The worst moment: Hmmm, well we are mostly girls in the band. I don’t like when some people pre judge us and think we can’t play. After all, those are the ones who go craziest once they see that we can really play instruments and rock really hard!

Tell us about LA Velvet…let us know how the band came together and the personality of the “group”…

LV: In LA Velvet we are like a family, we love to play music, have fun and enjoy life! We hate drama lol

Okay, give us the insights on “The One I Love”…what’s this CD all about from your point of view…

“The One I Love” comes from deep inside my heart, and in general, is a compilation of different stories and episodes of my life – especially last

summer in Los Angeles! The whole album is like a book with 10 extraordinary  chapters of my life. In general, it talks about Love, Disappointment, Loneliness, Break Ups, Make Ups, what it feels to experience Hollywood and it gets a little sexy, explicit and dancey at the end.

CDs are a lot of hard work on the part of a lot of people…anybody you want to recognize behind the scenes?

Yes, I wanna thank Chris Sevier for being an amazing producer and take my songs to the top in quality and soul! Thanks for the whole Severe Records team for believing in me and helping get an amazing CD made by top of the top engineers and studios in Los Angeles, GUnit for the amazing dance tracks, my mixing and mastering team, George Tutko and Rodney Mills Masterhouse, my incredible photographer Rick Kiguelman and especially to all my friends and fans for the continuous support! <3

I wasn’t going to ask, but I can’t help it…it’s my favorite question and I can’t let you off the hook…who’s your hero?

LV: I think Jesus and his lifestyle without material things and his beautiful compassionate and kind heart!

Last words… Thank you to the ones who finish reading this lol, and to ALL my friends and fans! And don’t forget to get the special LA Velvet surprise CD Release Box at: http://www.lavelvet.bigcartel.com/
Much Love!!!

Thanks to you Laura and to LA Velvet…we look forward to seeing you in Europe and to our ongoing friendship.  Just keep rockin’ for us all!!!

It was last June that we first posted a review of Kacey Cubero’s new CD,  Fill Your Cup http://www.kaceycubero.com. The self written and produced album was mixed in Nashville by the Grammy award-winning David Z (Prince, Etta James and Jonny Lang). There’s a little bit of everything: the raw rocking anthems I Want More, It’s Alright, and Reserve the Right; a bucolic Old Cadillac; the folksy Feather in the Wind; organic, soulful ballads, What if I Really Love You and Whatcha Gonna Do; the bluesy Set You Free; the evocative steaminess of Under My Skin; the bluegrass tinge of Two Trains; the plaintive longing of Sunday Mornings; and the love letter that is the title song, Fill Your Cup. The CD hit #18 on the EURO AMERICANA CHART in August  http://www.euroamericanachart.nl/0810.html.

The range and versatility of her music is evidenced by her winning the MAVRIC Independent Music Award in 2009 for Folk Song of the Year for Feather in the Wind, and for being named 2006 Artist of the Year by the Santa Barbara Blues Society—the oldest blues society in the U.S.—and representing them in the International Blues Competition in Memphis.

Now Kacey’s on her way to Europe, so note the following dates:



KACEY CUBERO - 9:30 pm

Farnham, UK



KACEY CUBERO - doors @ 8

Bedford, UK

Price: £12



KACEY CUBERO - 8:15 pm

Orange Yard
London GB W1D 4JB
GB 020 7734 5547

Price: £13



KACEY CUBERO - 7:30 pm

South Yorks, UK

Price: tba



KACEY CUBERO - 8:00 pm

Oxfordshire UK

Price: tba



KACEY CUBERO - 8:30 pm

Brighton UK

Price: tba



KACEY CUBERO - 8:00 pm

@ The Freeholder
Farncombe, UK

Price: £8




St. Genis l’Argentiere, France

Price: 8 €



KACEY CUBERO - 8:30 pm

93 Lower Richmond Road
London GB SW15 1EU
GB (020) 8780 9383

Price: £7




Rhone, France



KACEY CUBERO - 9:30 pm

Manchester, UK

We are proud that Kacey is a featured HorizonVU Music artist. You can find her CDs and downloads at SHOP HorizonVU Music http://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?page_id=2068

Elie Bertrand is perhaps best known as the drummer for Scarlet Sins http://www.scarletsinsonline.com. She was born on was born on December 25th 1989.  She grew up  in Chambly, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec and began playing drums at 5 years old.

Elie, thanks so much for taking time to talk to us. We have really been looking forward to speaking with you.Following on our brief introduction, tell us what happened in your musical development once you started playing drums?

EB: I did start taking lessons at the age of 5.  I  joined a music program in grade 5 where I would go to school in the morning and go to music school in the afternoon. We would have all different classes like theory, composition, history, etc… I did that for 4 years and then I left the program to focus more on my professional career.  At 14, I started playing professionally in a classic rock and blues cover band. From that point on, I joined a bunch of cover bands, a percussion troop called Insolita, then at 17, I moved to Toronto to joined Scarlet Sins. When that venture ended last November, I moved back to Montreal.  Since then, I’ve been playing as a freelance drummer in different bands and for different artists. Over the past 6 years I have had the chance to open up for DJ Champion, Motley Crue, Vixen, perform on TV, play some huge Festivals like the International Jazz Festival of Montreal, the International Blues Festival of Tremblay, the Ultimate Drum Camp of Orford, the International Cape Breton Drum Festival just to name a few.  It has been pretty amazing and I can not wait to see what’s next!

In terms of your development, who was your major influence (or were your biggests influences)?

EB: I have so many influences for different reasons… I always find it so hard to answer that question briefly because music is like painting. You always use many colours to do a painting, so I have many very different influences. Here are a few drummers Dennis Chambers, Carter Beauford, Paul Brochu, Daniel Adair, Chris Adler, Ange E. Curcio, Emmanuelle Caplette, Carmine Appice… I could go on and on but those ones definitively have had a major impact on my playing.

Describe your sound? What makes Elie, Elie as drummer?

EB: Wow… What a cool question… Well, definitively there are a lot of funk and blues signatures in my playing because that’s what I played the mostwhen I started… It’s my base. There is a lot of latin even though I can’t really play latin drums because my dad use to play a lot of Cuban percussions so I often through in clave over some metal beat. And there are also a lot of paradiddles because it’s my favourite rudiment in the world. I always say: “It’s all about paradiddles!”

Tell us a little about life with Scarlet Sins? Any great moment that sticks in you mind? Any good stories you can tell us on or off-stage with the band?

EB:  There are so many great memories I keep from this venture. I learned a lot. It was my introduction to the hard rock and metal world. I always loved listening to that kind of music but was never part of an original band that played this before. We had so much fun together. We’ve shared very special moments. We had a lot of huge opportunities and a lot of very cool off stage moments.

Here’s a pretty cool one. OMG. I still laugh my ass off thinking about it: That happened in Seattle when we went down in 2007 to play the

Scarlet Sins

Scarlet Sins

PowerBox Festival. Cris and Syl were sharing a room and T and I shared another. In the middle of the night T got up because she was jetlag or what ever and well being a lady, she decided she would put some moisturizer on her face to take care of her beautiful skin… But she mixed up her eye-lash glue tube and her moisturizer tube because her eyes weren’t wide open or I don’t know… So she basically glued her face and eyes open… So she puts the glue on her face, goes back to bed and well she obviously realized something was wrong, so she tried to stay as quiet as possible and went to the washroom to clean it off but she hit herself on her bass case that was in the way and made so much noise so it woke me up but it wasn’t enough for me to get out of bed… The next morning I asked her what the heck happened… She told me the story… And of course I was rolling on the floor… The first thing I did was to run to Syl and Cris’s room… Told them the story and we must laughed for a good 10 minutes straight… It was SO hilarious…

What has been the highlight of your career to-date?

EB: I have been very fortunate since the beginning of my career. I played during huge events and concerts with some awesome artists but I have to say as a drummer when I played the International Cape Breton Festival 2010 alongside some of the most respected drummers in the world I was in heaven. The lineup was absolutely insane. I shared moments with some of my idols. We laughed, we jammed, we talked, we partied… It was amazing. I learned so much about everything that weekend. It was amazing!

What makes a good drummer?

EB: Musicality. A drummer can have the best techniques, be super fast, have perfect time… It’s not interesting to listen and watch a drummer play that doesn’t have musicality. At least I don’t think so. I like musicians that live the music. They feel it coming down their veins. They are not playing the song they are the song. It makes such a big difference. They listen to everything that’s going on and they communicate their feeling through music. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to live those moments and to watch them happen!

In researching for our meeting with you we took a look at readily available lists of greatest drummers. Honestly, Elie, it’s really hard to find a list with one (let alone more than one) female drummer – in addition to yourself, other names come to mind such as Cindy Blackman, Sheila E., Carla Azur, Sandy West, Caroline Rue…but really, in your view, why is it seemingly so hard for female drummers to get recognition?

EB: I don’t think it’s hard to get recognition. I think women are just not as interested to play that particular instrument as men are. The ratio in the music industry is 20% female 80% male. Most of that 20% are singers and classical musicians. You know you could also ask why aren’t there more men dancing? I think it’s just a lack of interest. A woman on drums is like a woman on the hockey team, people notice it more maybe and might act differently. Sometimes it makes it easier sometimes not. We all have as individuals different challenges and we just have to deal with it. Such is life I think.

HorizonVU Music works with emerging artists. We always do our best to coach young musicians as to the ups and downs of the music business. What words of advice do you pass along to young musicians wanting to be stars? Help us out.

EB: I think the 2 most important things to remember in this business but also in general in life are to have the passion and to believe in yourself.

Photo: Ron Boudreau

Photo: Ron Boudreau

No matter what you do make sure you’re always happy. Don’t let people bring you down. Learn from everything and everyone and move on quickly from the disappointing moments. Someone recently told me this and I thought it was absolutely brilliant: “Things are never permanent, nor the bad nor the positive things”. When something good happens you have to enjoy every moments of it, be grateful for it and when you’re having a rougher patch remember that it’s not forever and remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place: the passion and the love of music or what ever what you’re doing. It’s not always easy but if you have the passion you’ll always go back to that happy place.

One final question…What is Elie doing now and what are your plans for the future?

EB: Well well lots and lots. I have a very busy fall coming up. I’ll be performing with my different projects and I am also getting ready to play the Montreal Drum Festival which is a HUGE deal for me because I remember attending the event at the age of 5 and saying that one day I would play there. This dream came true. It is the biggest drum event in Canada so I am very excited about it. 2 months to go woot woot!

El, thanks so much for taking time out to talk to us – we love your work and hope you’ll come back and visit with us.  Before we finish up, I have to run this one by you…While we were talking my friend here was good enough to actually look up “paradiddle”…Here goes – accordingto Merriam-Webster, the origin of the word is unknown, first known use 1927, and the word refers to a quick succession of drumbeats slower than a roll and alternating left- and right-hand strokes in a typical L-R-L-L, R-L-R-R pattern. There you have it!

Before wrapping up, we want to share your vid “Laid To Rest – Lamb Of God – Drum Cover” – very cool!

EB: Phil this was an absolute pleasure. Thank you very much!

To know all about where, when, with , and with whom Elie is  playing along with current news stay tune to her website: http://www.eliebertrand.com/ and join my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ssarras#!/pages/Elie-Bertrand-Drummer/118426748191961?ref=ts.

R-mioneIf it’s electronica/pop/rock you’re looking for – and a lot of fun – we have the answer ! We recently caught up with R-mione in Paris and spent some time over coffee catching up with our good friend. In fact, R-mione’s music covers a wide range. It can be very upbeat and driven and/or very soothing – mellow often owing to the artful use of electronics. We have to tell you that in addition to being extremely talented and energetic – R-mione is absolutely delightful and the when you talk with her the time flies by!

Hey! Great to see you! Tell us about yourself and your music background.

R: I was born in the south of France at Nice Côte D’Azur on the Riviera. I grew up for a time in Chalon sur Saône where I started playing the piano and studying music theory. I can’t say I was a great student and early on I found I was interested in rock music and bored by music theory! Some years later, when I was fifteen, I moved to Lille in the north of France and started taking guitar lessons.

That must have been quite a change from the Mediterranean to Lille in the north!

R: Yes, that’s true, but we had to move because of my parents’ work. Anyway, I wasn’t there too long as at eighteen I moved back south to Niceand oursue my own life and interests. I worked at the National Theater of Nice to earning a living and pay for my studies at the university (letters). I also took music theory and voice lessons with a famous conductor. I joined a grunge band as lead singer. That’s where I met my best friend, Lord Speed, the leqd guitarist!

Grunge band? How did that work out?

R: Well we actually performed a lot and in 1997, the band had to move to Paris. It was at this time I really started getting attracted to production and I also met a lot of different artists across genres – especially rap and electronic. I started to aquaint myself with electronic machines, samplers, computers and home studios.

Okay, but that’s quite a step forward. How did you learn to use the equipment and how did all that change your music?

R: First, my music moved from rock to trip-hop and jungle influences came into play. Lord Speed and I left the band and started new projects. We signed with Bis Music FRANCE to do some albums in 1998. Second, at the same time, I joined THE SOUND ACCESS engineer school and was set to graduate in 2000. I became a producer at that time. Lord Speed and I created a label, SELVA CONNECTION. We made vinyls for DJ distributed by Under One Sun based in the U.K. One of the most famous is LWD.

R-mioneWe scored music for the cinema-like “Electron Libre” movie by Marie Donnio. Also we did “Petite Copine” by Frederic Defenthal. We also worked with Game One TV.

And your music at this point?

R: By now we had created a style of our very own by injecting a subtle mixture of all our influences – electro, rock, folk, and trip-hop influences. Our lyrics are in English and the voice moves from clearness to a blues emphasis – all sustained by a half-rock (bass/guitar) and electro (DJ).

What are you doing now?

Well, at the present time I’m working on a new album. New singles are “STOP”, “PRIVATE GARDEN” and “WHERE IS LOVE”.

Alright everybody, you can hear R-mione and see the vids for “PRIVATE GARDEN” and “ “WHERE IS LOVE” at http://www.myspace.com/rmione. Vids for all three songs are on YouTube (also check out the HorizonVU Music YouTube Channel).

R-mione, great to see you as always – you’re a good friend of HorizonVU Music! Best of luck to you!!! We’re going to leave you all with (probably) our favorite “PRIVATE GARDEN”!!!

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