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Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera
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Premier Spring 2013

Cindy Shapiro wrote an opera! It’s not an opera in the traditional sense — it’s a modern rock opera. (It’s not even in Italian!) It’s based on the Ancient Greek myth about Psyche, a human girl and princess, who falls in love with the god Eros. This incurs the wrath of Eros’ mother (and lover) Aphrodite who puts Psyche through terrible trials which she must overcome.

History of the Show

Cindy incubated the opera during a three month artist-in-residency in Paris in the Fall of 2011. When she came back to Los Angeles from Paris she knew that she needed to find a creative partner to help her realize her vision. She did some research on theater directors in Los Angeles, looking for the most INNOVATIVE, VISIONARY and CUTTING EDGE people she could find. She really only had her eye on one guy: Michael Matthews. So she cold-emailed him. (Cold contacting works sometimes!) To her surprise and delight Michael got back to her right away. She sent him the libretto (the opera script) and mp3 mockups of the entire work. And he LOVED it! He agreed to work on it with her. Michael just won Best Director of a Musical at the Los Angeles Ovation Awards for his work on The Color Purple: The Musical.

Cindy was fortunate enough to meet Stephen Eich through Regina Miller, the Director of Development at the Geffen Playhouse. Regina thought Psyche might be something he would be interested in producing. She was right. Stephen has taken four projects to Broadway, and was the Managing Director of the Steppenwolf Theater and the Geffen Playhouse, and the Executive Director of the Pasadena Playhouse. Stephen brought in Dee Dee Irwin as his Associate Producer.

ALSO: Cindy’s husband, Jack Wall, is one of the top video game composers in the world. He recently wrote the scores to Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Lost Planet 3. Additionally, he’s a master conductor and plays a mean guitar. He is the Music Director and will be playing in the band live on stage.

The music is multi-faceted and unique – a stylistic hybrid of post-modernism and rock. The highly singable score embraces musical genres such as the minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, the oddball art rock of XTC, Frank Zappa and Steely Dan, jazz-tinged tight choral harmonies, “legit” soaring bel canto-style operatic singing, R&B, and rock and roll keening in the Led Zeppelin tradition.


The ensemble cast consists of Psyche, Eros, Aphrodite, Sister I/Trouble, Sister II/Sorrow & 8 choir who will cycle through other parts such as Persephone & Apollo. The band will be string quartet and rock ensemble.



Our plan is to mount Psyche in a 99-seat theater in the Spring of 2013. Our ultimate goal is to gain national attention for Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera.

The show will be presented in unusual and innovative ways. The show will not be theater-in-the-round — it will be theater-around-you. 360°. There are other fascinating surprises that Michael has in store. We don’t want to say TOO much about those. Trust us — they will take your breath away!

A Little Bit About Psyche

The Psyche myth is a classic hero’s tale, but the hero is a WOMAN.

Psyche is the original princess — her tale is the foundation story for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White among others. Most people don’t know Psyche’s tale — and yet they do!

The last major musical work about Psyche was done in 1888. It’s time for a new large-scale work about her.

Psyche is the human embodiment of the soul. The word “psyche” in Ancient Greece meant soul or butterfly. The butterfly is the symbol of the soul because it changes from a caterpillar to a beautiful winged creature symbolizing rebirth. Psyche’s triumphs and her ultimate immortality reflect the best hopes of triumph and immortality of the ageless human spirit.

How You Can Help

Right now we need funds for pre-production for our Spring 2013 premier. These funds will enable us to:

Secure a theater
Pay for the creation of the charts for the musicians and singers
Hire key creative people on to the team like the costume designer, scenic designer, and the lighting designer
Create marketing and promotional materials

The Impact
By helping us mount this production you will be contributing to the launching of a brand new sweeping musical work that centers around a female heroine. It will be groundbreaking in its presentation. New works that make new statements which are relevant in today’s world are culturally important. You can help us launch this important new work and be a part of it from the beginning!

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us get the word out about our project by sharing this page with friends and family!

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