4 August 2015

Sarah Jospitre, Editor, HorizonVU Music Blog

Sarah has an ever increasing pool knowledge of the fast-changing music industry landscape. She has earned a Masters in Music Business at New York University (NYU) and she has worked for hip-hop music mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, EMI Music Publishing, CBS Radio and most recently, Russell Simmons’ celebrity blog, GlobalGrind. As Editor, Sarah brings not only her knowledge, but her passion for music journalism and discovering emerging talent.

She defines her sound simply as “soul retro pop.” Yet nothing is simplistic when it comes to Karolina Rose and her music. The multilingual singer-songwriter is rapidly making her way up in the ecclectic NYC music scene, recently taking part in this year’s New Music Seminar festival, and demonstrating a hustle like no other with nonstop performances throughout the countless venues in New York City. Her drive is only the beginning; world, meet Karolina Rose.

SJ: Your Twitter profile is impressive, listing your many talents as tango dancer and even a linguist. Very diverse. Are these possibly alternative career goals or is music your sole focus?

KR:Thank you for your kind words! It’s true I’ve had a variety of passions and pursuits in my life, but music is my first love when it comes to career focus. I combine my passion for languages, culture and dance in my music by default through my experiences.

SJ: Right, you’ve definitely shared your passion for languages; singing in English, French, Polish and Spanish. Which do you mostly prefer to sing in? Is there a language you feel conveys a certain emotion (i.e. sadness, anger, etc.) better than the others?

KR: I mainly sing in English, French and Polish. These are the languages I am fluent in. English to me is more flexible and more of a universal feeling and expression. But you nailed it that each language definitely brings about a certain feeling. It also depends on the song, but there is a part of me that assumes the character of what the culture means to me. In French, I typically feel compelled to express a very strong romantic, wistful quality and emotion. The Polish songs typically have more “umph” and dynamics. As I am 100% Polish by ethnicity, born in Philadelphia, there’s also a wave of national pride going through me when I sing in Polish.

SJ: For the potential music fans who have yet to hear and become familiar with a signature Karolina Rose track, what is it you feel distinguishes your music from what’s already out there?

KR: My music comes from my perspective on various ideas and experiences. I’m constantly writing about life and all that it entails. I think my cultural background, life experiences and dreams in an urban city all tie into my signature perspective. My music often comes from a place of idealistic concepts or adjectives like romance, dreamy, unrealistic, quixotic, starry-eyed, fanciful—that’s Karolina Rose music.

SJ: You’ve expressed that music is your main focus and choice of career. So, what
are your goals/plans for the rest of 2015? Can we expect any new music from you within the coming months?

KR: I’m planning on more studio recording later this year. But I’m really looking forward to doing more live performances over the summer and experimenting with a few more instruments in my live shows. Connection is also such an important aspect to me which is why this summer I’ve been working with Musicians On Call to spread the healing power of music to patients in hospitals across New York. Ultimately, I hope to continue connecting with fans online and off.

SJ: Wow, that’s really amazing! You are definitely making a difference in the world of music. So, with the end of 2015 soon approaching, what will 2016 look like for Karolina Rose?

KR: Thank you so much! That means a lot. Well, my plan for 2016 is to release some new music, collaborate with other artists and focus on live shows and performances. I just hope to reach the people that may relate to or feel my music and make it a positive experience for them.

*Artist Look-Out: Check out Karolina Rose perform at the BronxNoise Music Festival on August 8th. Purchase tickets here. For more info, check out the Facebook Event page.

Information for all of Karolina Rose’s shows can be tracked via Bands In Town on Facebook and her official website.

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