What’s The Buzz ?

Happy New Year !!!!
A big thanks for all of your support in 2011 .
Thanks to the people around , helping in the project since it started .
Thanks to you , we’re still around ..

A Big thank you to my uncle without whom , you wouldn t be able to follow us much online …
Thank you : the fans and friends that go crazy with us during concerts without you guys, well we wouldn t get that much energy to wake up every morning and keep doing what we love .
And finally big thanks to “THE BOYS “… the lil crew of Pilal, Palem , and Sam who recently joined the band , and without whom i don t know what .. but i freaking love these guys .
but the lil crew is also Jule, Loic from So Was the Sun ,Vincent , Maxence, Berenice (SilicOn Carne), Peps ( Dr Peppers ), Lea , J.M. , Aline , Cynthia ( thanks again for the Video ) ,Anna ,Gwen,Shay , Chrissy, Eun Young, Rasa (girl u need to behave in 2012 !!) …(Sorry for those who i might have forgotten i barely just opened my eyes !)
Point is … Thanks for being here and understanding us, and our life style !
Thanks for supporting the project , the music , the artists and the concerts.
Let’s Meet in 2012 and make this year a better year than the last .;)
Love you all

Tarah G.