What’s The Buzz ?

Hi y’all. Fresh back from a whirlwind month or so, from The Rocky Mountain Folks Festival to Storyhill Festival to Sisters Folk Festival, home to Nashville to move to a new house and showcase at The Americana Festival and then off to Europe to tour with the incredible John Fullbright, one of my favorite Okies (Parker Milsaps being another, Jimmy Webb, another and Laurie and Curley and that strange ballet sequence in the red dust). That’s me up there in that photo on a day off with John and our good friend AJ Roach outside the castle in Edinburgh. If you’re just joining the list having found me on the European tour, thanks for swinging by. We played to sold out audiences from London to Utrecht to Belfast to Edinburgh and it was thrilling. I’m coming back in January to headline my own tour, so keep in touch.

The rest of this month is pretty much a writing and recouping time for me, but if any of you out there are songwriters, I work (in these off times) as a coach on Songwriting, Performance and Career Goal Setting for the Indie Songwriter. My rates are reasonable and we can work via phone or Skype, so please email me at amy@amyspeace.com to set up a time and we can talk. I’ve been teaching my Performance class at Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School for 7 years now and have also taught at Sisters Folk Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival Song School, Lamb’s Retreat for Songwriters, NERFA, NAFA, through NSAI and various other places. I love doing this, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

November I head up to the Northeast (LOOK LEFT AND YOU’LL SEE THE TOURDATES — PLEASE BUY TIX IN ADVANCE). I have a few openings for potential House Concerts if anyone is interested in hosting. If you’re curious, head HERE and there’s a link to my House Concert Info Sheet (which I adapted from my friend Danny Schmidt’s). It’s the All You Need To Know To Host an Amy Speace Concert In Your Home. 🙂

Here are my free dates for Fan Based House Concerts.

The rest of October – anywhere within reasonable driving distance to Nashville – GA, TN, Etc.
Wed. 11/6 – PA, MD, NY, NJ
Tues 11/12 – MD, DC, PA, NJ
Thu 11/14 – MD, PA, NJ, DC
Sun 11/17 – PA, WV, MD

So please don’t hesitate to contact me. House Concerts are fun for me and fun for you and they are very simple to put on and make a really cool event for your friends and neighbors.

Stay in touch with me via Facebook and Twitter. And a reminder that not only are ALL of my CD’s for sale on the OFFICIAL AMY SPEACE STORE (which is the best way to get my merchandise direct), also T Shirts are there.

Tourdates to the left…jokers to the right…here I am…