Alla Seydalieva

Alla Seydalieva

Alla Seydalieva was born in Samarkand city in Uzbekistan . Her origin is Tatar. Her mother is a music teacher , who plays tree instruments: piano, accordion and oboe. From the early age Alla’s mother has been her inspiration for music. At the age of six she started studying classical piano at a music school in Samarkand. At the age of 14, she started to attend vocal school back home. After graduating from secondary school, she was still heavily involved in sports playing basketball for Uzbekistan! After the graduating from Bukhara State University she decided to quit playing sports as a professional and went to study at theatre school as well as working in musical theatre for three years. She has been involved in various music projects, jobs, festivals, concerts and recordings. She is happy that in her music career and she has worked in different genres such as pop, jazz, blues, rock, opera, musicals, r&b, hip-hop.

In 2010, Alla moved to London to study for the Bachelor’s Degree in contemporary music performance ( vocals) at Tech Music School. At the end of her third year in university she developed greater interest in fusion of pop/rock music with middle eastern themes. During this time she was a lead singer in trip-hop band “The mouth of ghosts”. I continued with my musical education and went to study for the MMus at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. In my final performance I presented a set of traditional folk singing of Asian countries with the mix of contemporary styles.

HVUM: We know a little bit about you from our earlier conversation and from online profiles. We know that you have multi-cultural interests and that you are passionate about your music and theater, but tell us the story of Alla…Give us a look into the personal side of Alla.

AS: Growing up in Samarkand and being from a musical family, it was inevitable that I would be involved in some sort of music as an adult. My passion for music grew day by day and after moving to London in my mid 20s. it was obvious that the city inspired me to take a different approach in writing my music, I started to express my emotion in a more complex way from the musical point of view. Being a singer and song writer, I always wanted to combine both and I believe that one does not exist without the other, I enjoy doing both with a lot of passion. All the emotions I go through helps me write music later on, weather its being happy, feeling low or being angry. I believe that when I go though one of these emotions, I feel like there is someone inside me who wants to express this in writing my music. If I wasn’t a musician, then I would probably be a chef or an astronaut! I have also played professional basketball in my country and for my national team for about ten years.

HVUM: How have you pursued developing your career. In building your career, what has worked particularly well for you?

AS: I tried developing my career by expanding my knowledge in music. The fact that I tried myself in different genres of music gave me a greater confidence in my ability as a musician and a performer.

HVUM: How did your interest in multiple cultures and cultural folk music come about?

AS: When I was leaving in Uzbekistan I was not massively interested in folk or traditional music. But since I came to London I wanted to feel closer to my home so music seemed to be a perfect connection between us.

HVUM: We’d like to offer our followers a chance to listen to one of your multicultural works, “Tibetan Sky”.

AS: Yes , this one was one of my collaboration pieces.


HVUM: Bring us up to date on your music. We know you’ve been involved in several projects such as Mouth of Ghosts, but where are you now and where to you plan to go with work underway?

AS: I am currently focusing on my solo career by promoting myself as a solo artist. I am doing two different projects where in the first one it’s more mainstream and another one is more folk. I am also collaborating in a duet with my friend singer-songwriter Mila Verney in playing one piano four hands and sing. This music is more about sensuality and passion.

HVUM: Great! In the spirit of letting people get a sense for you recent work, we want to show a video recorded live at Cabaret at Paradise By Way, London -“Guide me”.

Lead Vocals – Alla Seydalieva
Acoustic guitar – Sam Connor
Bass – Darya Sidorova
Oud, Saz, Pipa – Charlie Cawood
Keys/ Vocals – Mila Verney
Drums-Joshua Bisset

HVUM: Wow! Thanks for that. Think about your singing and songwriting thus far. What do you consider to be the greatest moment of your career. Be honest now!

AS: Every performance is like the first one . But a good decision of mine was coming to London and furthering my career.

HVUM: What do you like to do other than music? What does Alla do to relax and have fun?

AS: Playing basketball , going for morning runs to help me keep fit and focus. I love dancing , acting , cooking , meeting friends , reading books, write poems.

HVUM: You really have an amazing set of interests! Okay, finally, I have to ask you my favorite question. Do you have any superheroes? Who and why?

AS: I don’t have any but I do watch a lot of films in my spare time.

Alla, thanks so much for taking time out to share your story with us here at HorizonVU Music. I know our followers will find you and your music to be exceptional. I hope that you’ll stay in touch with us.