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Laura V

Laura V

We’ve been listening to Laura V and LA Velvet for quite and still love to spin  ‘You Got The Looks That Kill” from the group’s first album “Pure, Sexy, Loud  Rock n’Roll” – gets the blood surging. Laura V and LA Velvet are all pop rock, they’re hot,  and they deserve your attention.  Just released, “ The One I Love “ is a  chart worthy collection of  sassy vocals,  punchy guitar and high energy. There’s no doubt that this threesome can rock and be as brash as any girl band on the planet, but they also know the meaning of melody and can deliver on  catchy tunes.

It’s in that spirit, we  go with “Here In Holloywood”. True to the rock sound, the track works with  Laura V’s breathy vocal. It shows that the group knows how to slow it down and deliver on melody. Next up, “Set Me  Free”.  It’s still  pop rock , but  gets us  thinking electro club mix. This one  is snappy and it’ll make you get up off whatever you’re sitting on and move. Third, “Don’t Push It”  takes us right back up  with bare-bones rock.

The music really matters to Laura V and LA Velvet. “The One I Love” has great energy – we say “go for it”!

Track List

You Make My Heart Stop Beating

Down and Dirty
Don’t Push It
Here In Hollywood
The One I Love

Set Me Free
Last Night
Boy Toy



Laura V

Laura V

Laura V has been a friend of HorizonVU Music from the beginning of the company and it’s really a pleasure to catch-up as we approach the release of LA Velvet’s CD “The One I Love”.  Laura has been involved in music from a very early age (five). She’s put her heart and soul into her music. Laura and LA Velvet are based in Los Angeles.

Laura! Thanks for meeting with us. We know a little bit about you from our email exchanges and online bios, but tell us the story of Laura…Give us a look into the personal side of Laura V!

LV: Hi, first of all, thanks for having me! Ok, where should I start? I was born in Venezuela in a humble and beautiful family. I felt in love with music since I was in my Mom’s belly. My father used to sing his songs for me and play guitar with so much love! Within a few years I was already studying music theory, piano and guitar. When I was 15 I played guitar and sang my own music in a major music festival in front of more than 10,000 people – probably one of the best experiences of my life!

I moved to New York by myself when I was really young and made a living singing Jazz and bartending. I always loved Rock and Pop music and decided to move to Los Angeles. Once there, I founded my band LA Velvet. I worked three different bartending jobs to be able to afford to pay for my self produced CD “Pure, Sexy, Loud Rock n’ Roll” and I finally released it in 2010. We sold more than 5.000 copies around the world even in Japan. Immediately, we started touring around the U.S. and Europe. Now we are really excited because this year we are going to Mexico too! Everywhere we go LA Velvet rocks harder than anything you have ever seen! 😉

Excuse me, Laura…want to interupt for…exactly 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Let’s have a look and listen to “You Got The Looks That Kill”  from “Pure, Sexy; Loud Rockn’Roll”…

You defintely rock…Okay, so what happened next?

LV: Then I got signed with Severe Records, they are based in Nashville. Chris Sevier is such an amazing producer and GUnit collaborated too!

Currently, we are about to do the big worldwide release my new album “The One I Love”. Secretly it’s now available for everybody, anywhere in

Laura V and LA Velvet

Laura V and LA Velvet

the world on my personal merchandise page: http://www.lavelvet.bigcartel.com/. Now for limited time you can also get for a great price a package that includes the CD, a t-shirt, a signed poster and a collector surprise! 🙂

Now, I came from a really humble background and everything I do and I have I’m happy to say I conquered by myself.  So I really hope I can be an inspiration to my fans. Thanks for the amazing support because I can’t do it without you!! <3

We know you been working music for a long time. How did your interest come about and how have you gone about developing your career. Keep in mind, we reach a lot of young, aspiring musicians – we know it’s tough, so tell us what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

LV:  What works: Hard work, passion, love for what you do! Also be ready all the time no matter how tough a tour or making a record could be!

What doesn’t work: Negativity, Ego, playing music for the wrong reasons and giving the wrong messages to your fans!

Who comes to mind when you think about inspiration for your music and your career?

LV: Life, Love, People, Traveling, Touring, a Beautiful Sunset, The Beach, The Desert, Winter and Summer! So many things wow! ; )
We’re really curious to know about what you think about when you reflect on the greatest moment of your career to-date AND what comes to mind when you think of the worst.

LV: The greatest moment is when I feel that my fans are inspired after my shows or after listening my music! Also, when I play my songs on TV  and Radio. In general, I have being so blessed for touring the US and Europe already. And now I’m taking my new record to all the continents in the world with my own hands! 😉

The worst moment: Hmmm, well we are mostly girls in the band. I don’t like when some people pre judge us and think we can’t play. After all, those are the ones who go craziest once they see that we can really play instruments and rock really hard!

Tell us about LA Velvet…let us know how the band came together and the personality of the “group”…

LV: In LA Velvet we are like a family, we love to play music, have fun and enjoy life! We hate drama lol

Okay, give us the insights on “The One I Love”…what’s this CD all about from your point of view…

“The One I Love” comes from deep inside my heart, and in general, is a compilation of different stories and episodes of my life – especially last

summer in Los Angeles! The whole album is like a book with 10 extraordinary  chapters of my life. In general, it talks about Love, Disappointment, Loneliness, Break Ups, Make Ups, what it feels to experience Hollywood and it gets a little sexy, explicit and dancey at the end.

CDs are a lot of hard work on the part of a lot of people…anybody you want to recognize behind the scenes?

Yes, I wanna thank Chris Sevier for being an amazing producer and take my songs to the top in quality and soul! Thanks for the whole Severe Records team for believing in me and helping get an amazing CD made by top of the top engineers and studios in Los Angeles, GUnit for the amazing dance tracks, my mixing and mastering team, George Tutko and Rodney Mills Masterhouse, my incredible photographer Rick Kiguelman and especially to all my friends and fans for the continuous support! <3

I wasn’t going to ask, but I can’t help it…it’s my favorite question and I can’t let you off the hook…who’s your hero?

LV: I think Jesus and his lifestyle without material things and his beautiful compassionate and kind heart!

Last words… Thank you to the ones who finish reading this lol, and to ALL my friends and fans! And don’t forget to get the special LA Velvet surprise CD Release Box at: http://www.lavelvet.bigcartel.com/
Much Love!!!

Thanks to you Laura and to LA Velvet…we look forward to seeing you in Europe and to our ongoing friendship.  Just keep rockin’ for us all!!!

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