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Paris, France – April 25, 2015

Contact: Lei GUO


HorizonVU Music (Horizonvu Group LLC), a start-up company specializing in business services for emerging female musicians announced a company relaunch today. Featured artists include Sagarika (India), Chantelle Barry (US), Tarah Who? (France-US), Amanda Thorpe (France-UK), Maura Kennedy (US) and Nausicaa (France).

The company was initially founded in 2009 by CEO Phil Cartwright and a small dedicated team. The company has traditionally offered business services including management, marketing and promotion, publishing and production.“We continue to believe that there is a niche for a firm that offers both brick-and-mortar as well as internet-based business services to emerging female musicians. Our firm caters to dedicated female musicians in need of affordable business support to further their careers.”

Phil Cartwright

Phil Cartwright

Although there are many music industry consultants and support networks, HorizonVU intends to provide focused service to a relatively small roster of musicians with the intention of contributing to successful careers for female musicians, and over the course of time establishing a long-lived annuity relationship with those artists.

In addition to meeting the business needs of our artists, the company will be extending our interest to include educational programs focusing on general topics such as event management as well as more specialized subjects such as topics economics of the industry, business in a networked ecosystem, and innovation.

HorizonVU Music in incorporated in Delaware as a Limited Liability Company and registered in France. For specific questions about the company and its service offers contact

Phil Cartwright, CEO phillip.cartwright@horizonvumusic.com
Tony Taylor, Industry and Artist Relations tony.taylor@horizonvumusic.com
Lei Guo, Marketing and Communication Management lei@horizonvumusic.com
Nathalie Ni, Community Leader nathalie@horizonvumusic.com

Thanks once again to our friend Tony Taylor at Dreamwest Magazine, we’ve been able to get in touch with Katie Cole! Katie is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now based in Los Angeles. Among her influences are platinum artists such as Jackson Browne, Glen Campbell and Kris Kristofferson. Katie appears as a guest vocalist on Glen Campbell’s final studio album, Ghost on the Canvas, and she’s enlisted Kristofferson to appear her own upcoming full length, Lay It All Down? Katie is a singer/songwriter breaking through the clouds

HVUM: Hi Katie. It’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to get to know you better. You have quite an interesting story. You are from Melbourne, now living in Los Angeles. Tell us more about yourself and how you made your way from Australia to Los Angeles.

KC: I’m a songwriter chasing a dream. Corny as hell, yes, but 100% true. My record producer Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, Ok Go, Nerina Pallot) reached out to me while I was in Oz. I basically flipped out and somehow made my way over to Los Angeles. I always knew I’d end up in California…just didn’t know how I’d get there or why. I play guitar, piano and a little bass when I’m forced to and I’ve been singing since I was 2, but professionally since I was 15/16. I’m a scorpio, various favorite colors and self-confessed cat person. Also, it is unwise to leave pizza near me.

HVUM: We know from your biography that you were brought up surrounded by the rock of the 60s and 70s – Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin. How do you find the influence of these artists plays into your music?

KC: I suppose any and all music plays a role on a person that goes into a music-related profession. I think the early music and concerts I was subjected to played a huge role in the way my brain crafted an idea of what constitutes great song, song structure and live performance. I still love a soul/blues edge to notes I choose to sing and great guitar riffs are a must. As a listener, I definitely go through moods and phases, but those early influences sort of stick around whether I like it or not. 🙂

HVUM: You tell us that today you relate to artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and Sheryl Crow. Do you have a specific sense for how these musicians are part of your work?

KC: I think I just feel a kinship towards singer-songwriters and bands of that nature that maintain an uptempo feel to the bulk of their work. I’m a huge fan of the anthemic songs and these artists managed to deliver many songs that I consider to be staple material. Sheryl Crow, to me always had such diverse lyrics and clever but easy-sounding choruses. As a lyricist, I learnt a lot from her work. Petty brings to the table simple chord progressions with deep and often dark subtext coupled with easy sing-along choruses. Fleetwood Mac having so many lead singers bring the effect of 3 bands. Christine McVie songs, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks songs. All felt vastly different from one another depending on who was singing. That’s a rarity in a band….to get away with such diversity. I feel I learned how to take complex characters and bring them to life in timeless sounding songs. It’s hard to compare yourself to other artists, but I love the above mentioned for those reasons. That said, I’m always learning. Always trying to challenge what I write and the way I record it.

HVUM: So, describe Katie Cole as Katie Cole…How do we best describe your sound?

I always say uplifting, singer-songwriter with flavors of folk, country and rock. Strong lyrics and stories that feel relatable. My vocal style is closer to Sheryl Crow and music style is a hybrid between Tom Petty and new artists like KT Tunstall and One Republic. I write emotion from the heart with elaborate plot lines. A lot of relationship songs that aren’t standard “i love you” songs. I think it’s about the details. I like details.

HVUM: For you, personally, does any of your work to-date stand out as the crowning achievement?

KC: I suppose the first single taken from my first American EP of the same name “Lost Inside a Moment” would be that song. I knew it was a special song when it was a challenge to write. Sometimes a song is ready when it’s ready and it was definitely worth the time spent writing and recording. It was my first song to get radio play in the UK on BBC Radio 2. For me, that’s a big deal. It’s probably a big deal for any artist. It was play-listed, then another song was. It was a really important time for me. In 2011 I had released the EP in America and I felt, that song wasn’t really reaching ears. I suppose there was a good gut feeling and some luck involved when it jumped across the pond. A great song has legs, the mystery and sometimes frustration about that is not knowing when those legs will sprout. There is a lot of persistence and hard work involved in what I do.

HVUM: You do a lot of collaborative work with famed artists such as Glen Campbell and Kris Kristofferson. Tell us a bit about you collaborations. Is collaborative work something you really enjoy?

KC: I first met Glen Campbell in 2009 when I first popped my head over to Los Angeles to start the meetings and recording process. My amazing Producer Howard Willing is also Glen’s producer and helped introduce me to his team. I ended up opening some shows up for him in Nevada in 2009 then again in 2010. When it came time to record his 2011 “Ghost on the Canvas” album I was brought to sing all of the female parts. A huge honor. It’s very sad that Glen is now suffering from Alzheimer’s. His fans will always remember what he’s given to the music world though. I also found out that a few songs from that album are being re-released on a new album 2013/2014 for Glen. An amazing singer and unbelievable guitarist and showman. Chatting with him and our Producer I was quick to learn his background as a session guitarist and all the iconic albums he performed including Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys etc. Huge stuff. Then it came time to record my new album and my Producer Howard once again reached out to somebody amazing. I actually wrote the song on the album called “Penelope” for a male artist just like Kris Kristofferson to sing. When I decided I was going to record it myself, Willing reached out to him having previously engineered the last couple of Kristofferson records for Producer Don Was (also a legend). Timing was just amazing and it happened. Collaboration is an incredible thing. None of the collabs I’ve done have been fully planned. There is definitely some randomness to that equation. Randomness and magic.

HVUM: You’ve toured a lot – Do you have any special or favorite places to perform?

KC: I really enjoyed touring American cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville and Denver. I love London too. I can’t wait to get back over there. I think I just enjoy travel and visiting new cities. It’s not always about the live shows, but the people you meet and the food. The vans – not so great.

We’ve been featuring your new video, “(We Stared A) Fire” (just out November2013). The track has been described as “American Country meets British pop”. What’s the story there? We’d like to know more about the track and the video.

KC: Thank you for supporting my music!! Well, the song was the last one I wrote for the record. I just wanted one more uptempo song. To me, this one is a tad sexy in nature although it’s at a fast pop tempo. I don’t think I do slow, sexy bow chicka wow wow songs. Haha. It was a really organic recording process as the drums and bass were laid down first with rough guitars and vocals. It was clear between my Producer and me that the drum part was going to be a feature and was going to drive the song. Everything else just sits on top of that. Guitar parts punch through and keys float in and out. It’s mostly my voice and that drum pattern that drive the song. I wanted a video to match the nature of the song. I felt like I wanted the main scene to be the band shot as I was hoping to introduce the viewing audience to my live band. The colored lighting of each scene change from a red band scene, to yellow fabric scene to a black scene with a yellow fluorescent lamp and a smoky scene where I’m wearing an amazing gown. All up it has a raw, rock feel with a sultry streak. There is a real live sense to the way it’s shot. Director Justin Coloma really captured the video exactly how I imagined it and the rest!! It’s moving, flowing and changing the whole ride. Lighting was a real key to this video along with elements of fire itself to illuminate some key shots.

HVUM: We know you have a new album coming our way “Lay It All Down” Tell us about that project and when should we be looking to buy the album?

KC: I actually launched a kickstarter campaign mid 2011 and it was successfully funded. Yes, it was that long ago. It started as me wanting to record 5 songs as a new EP. Once my Producer and I started to go through costs and songs, it was clear that I had too much solid material and it was more cost effective to spend more time and record more songs. So another 6 months went by with recording and planning. Put the first single out Oct 2012 called “I can’t wait”, signed a small record deal….some time flew by (6 months)…then extracted myself swiftly from that deal. Long story and I lost a lot of time. Time that I can’t get back unfortunately. I opted to somewhat restart. A lot of artists go through this. My producer wanted to remix the record and I launched the second single “(We started a) Fire this November. The new album is due out March 3rd 2014. I wanted to allow enough time to promote the new single. To me, you get one first impression of your art …so I’d rather wait and do something right than be impatient and release something early for the sake of it. That’s the definition of vanity and this is not a vanity project. I suppose I’m trying to compete with other major label and indie artists and that takes time and planning. So here we are!

HVUM: In the meantime, let’s take some time to check out that video “(We Started A) Fire”.

HVUM: Okay! We’ll be watching out for “Lay It All Down”. Any other projects in the works?

I spend roughly 1-2 weeks every other month writing in Nashville. I’m positive I have enough for another 2 full albums…but I’d like to narrow that down to an EP of songs. I’m thinking on that at the moment. I haven’t released “Lay it all Down” yet, but I’m definitely already planning something new.

HVUM: Do you have any particular causes or charities that you support and want to mention for our readers?

In Australia I used to do a lot of work for the Cancer council and the Variety club. Since moving to the US, I have been supporting Red Cross, MS Society (as my mum has MS) and WECAN that empowers women and supports awareness of Climate Change globally. I give charitably to a lot of random causes too and when needed I will buy a subway sandwich for a hungry face. I think kindness is a daily ritual and not something to brag about. It’s quite easy to be nice and do nice things even if no one else knows about it.

HVUM: Finally, my favorite question? Do you have any special superheros of your own? Why?

My Mum is my favorite superhero. It’s really hard being away from her. She’s a strong women who has overcome some difficult challenges in her life. She also now has MS. She’s still stubborn as ever, which is funny, and demands to do as much as possible on her own. I love that sort of independence. I hope I got that from her. I also think my cat here in Los Angeles has super powers. But those superpowers are only present when no one else is watching and only when she’s not napping or eating.

Visit Katie Cole at http://katiecoleofficial.com/

It’s with a big thanks to Tony Taylor at Dreamwest Magazine that we came to know Taylor Heard and her Manager, Amy Fish. Taylor is an award winning singer-songwriter from a small town in East Texas. She recently won the prestigious John Ritter Showcase in Carthage, Texas which earned her the title, “Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Representative for 2013”. She won the People’s Choice award at the showcase.

Taylor has a unique style and sound all of her own with her sultry, alto voice. She follows her heart when writing songs with captivating and entertaining results! Taylor has worked with some of the best in the industry including Dan Rollins and Doug Drake. She is involved in several charitable organizations such as Sally’s Hope, Night of Superstars and The Boot Campaign.

HVUM: Taylor! Thanks for meeting us. We know a little bit about you from email and online bios, but tell us the story of Taylor…Give us a look into the personal side of Taylor Heard.

TH: Well I come from a town that’s about an hour from any big city. Omaha, Texas. A place where you can’t get away with anything. Because EVERYBODY knows your momma and they sure don’t mind telling her about you in church Sunday morning! (Not that I ever did anything of course! Haha) But hey, I love it. I love the people there and how supportive they are of me in my musical journey. Growing up there was a blessing in my eyes, because I’ve seen how hard people work to provide for their families. I’ve seen the ups and downs of running your own business. I’ve seen a community come together and be there for one another when death hits. I’ve seen good deeds done when they thought no one was looking. I’ve seen people stay there all their lives while others choose to go off. So in the end I know it was the right place for me to grow up. My family is a big part of what I do as well. I have two lovely parents who support me all the way in this and a best friend/younger brother that I absolutely love to death!! I don’t know what I would do without them!

HVUM: Taylor, before we go on I’d like to take a few minutes out and let our readers in on your music. Let’s have a look and listen to “Tennessee Waltz”.

HVUM: All right! Okay…let’s go on with your story. We know you’ve been focused on your music. How did your interest in music come about and how have you pursued developing your career. In building your career, what has worked well and what hasn’t been so successful?

TH: My interest of singing has always been in me. We actually have recordings of a three year old me singing what was supposed to be Hank Williams Sr.’s hit song “Hey Good Lookin'”, but instead came out “Hey Good Wookin'”! And over my years of having a career in the music industry, God has blessed me with so many opportunities it’s unreal to me sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong there have been ups and downs for sure, but I am blessed beyond measure. I can’t really say what things have been “non successful” in my journey. I believe that God opens the doors He wants you to walk through, and that He shuts the ones not meant for you. Because honestly who are we to say what success is or isn’t in the first place?

HVUM: What do you like to do other than music? What does Taylor Heard do to relax and have fun?

In the life of me when I’m not singing sonewhere on a gig or writing songs, I love getting up early in the morning with my neighbors and going “junkin”. Now this consists of mapping out all of the yard sales in an area and hitting them before everyone else gets the good stuff! I really do enjoy it though, I am a person who is all about finding unique and different items for hardly nothing. Its almost like an accomplishment when I can take $25 and bring home a car load of stuff! Haha. Another thing I love is animals! Especially pigs. When I was apart of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) organization, I would raise my pig from a piglet to about 300lbs, then show it at a livestock show. If I was lucky, I would get someone to bid on the pig and sell it. Then I would use that money to go buy guitars or some type music equipment.

HVUM: Of all the musicians that might have inspired you, are there just a few that come to mind as inspiring? Are there any artists, past or present, that you hold up as giving you foundations for building?

TH: My number one inspiration would have to be Victoria Shaw. Not only as an artist, but as a songwriter, performer, and a music industry great. Working with her has drastically changed my outlook on the business in so many wonderful ways. She is honorable, hard working, and classy. All the the things I aspire to be. She definitely has a lot to do with the artist I am today.

HVUM: Think about your singing and songwriting thus far. What do you consider to be the greatest moment of your career and tell us about the worst. Be honest now!

TH: I would say so far my greatest accomplishment would be doing a show with Don Williams. He has been one of my favorite artists since I was little, so having that honor was absolutely breathtaking! It is for sure one of the memories I will never forget. Now, the worst memory…….is singing at a rodeo in front of a huge crowd and starting off in the wrong key that was WAY too high! So needless to say the “for the land of the free” line was so off pitch due to the note being too high. I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was super embarrassed!!

HVUM: Bring us up to date on your music. Where are you now and where to you plan to go with work underway?

TH: I actually just finished my new EP, “Southland”, and we are in the process of getting it released very soon. My fans have been waiting on this CD for about a year now so they are chopping at the bit just as much as I am! My goal for this project is to express the new stage in my music I am stepping into, as well as show my writing skills. I am hoping that this EP will send the listener to the places I want them to go, the moments I want them to experience, and the destination I want them to seek. All through the sound of music and the entertainment of words.

HVUM: We know that you are involved in charity work and organizations. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about your efforts on behalf of charity organizations?

TH: The charities I have worked with have been so lovely letting me be apart of their activities. One that I was glad to attend was Neal McCoy’s East Texas Angel Network (ETAN). He puts on an awesome concert with a golf tournament the day before and all proceeds go to the ETAN organization that helps local children with illnesses. Neal is such a great person on stage and off stage. I remember the very first time I met him and him talking to me like he had known me for years. He has such a heart for the kids and it is fantastic to see that up close.

HVUM: Okay, finally, I have to ask you my favorite question. Do you have any superheroes? Who and why?

TH: I have many heroes in the musical world, from singers to songwriters to industry legends. But my number one hero is my Meme. Meme is my great grandma who passed away from breast cancer a couple of years ago. She is a hero to me because of the fight she fought against the cancer and how big of a support she was to me in my music. I love to tell the story of a few days before she died, my mom asked her what she thought I would become in my life. And her response was a singer. She then asked Meme where would I play, and her response was at the Grand Ole Opry. So that just gives you a little insight of how she felt about my music. She was an amazing woman who I loved dearly, and I know that one day what she said will come true and she will be right there with me on that stage.

Taylor, thanks so much for joining us here at HorizonVU Music. We wish you all the best for a successful and fulfilling future and we hope that you’ll stay in touch!

Visit Taylor Heard at http://www.taylorheard.com/ aas well as on Facebook and Twitter

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